Thousands in El Salvador Protest Bitcoin and Bukele Government

Protesters demanded that President Nayib Bukele respect the separation of powers and reject the establishment of bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador.

Thousands of El Salvadorans demonstrated this Wednesday (September 15, 2021) to demand that President Nayib Bukele respect the separation of powers and refuse to establish bitcoin as legal tender, as the country commemorates independence 200 Anniversary same.

The peaceful day ended with a baffling incident when an ATM introduced by the government last week to operate bitcoin using the Chivo e-wallet was set on fire in the historic center.

Protesters from different sectors of San Salvador closed down central Francisco Morazan Square, holding signs with slogans such as “Respect for the Constitution,” “Resistance and popular resistance against the dictatorship,” and “No Bitcoin.”

Protesters also voiced their opposition to a recent interpretation of the Constitution by the Supreme Court’s Constitutional Division to allow Bukele to be re-elected immediately.

On May 1, the ruling Congress appointed magistrates to support the president’s re-election after dismissing the former judges.

Bukele accuses the international community of funding opposition
El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele accused the international community of funding opposition demonstrations, culminating in the burning of a booth of a bitcoin-operated ATM on Wednesday, the president’s star project.

“Unfortunately, they are protected by some friends in the international community. I say some because they are not all of them. But some are even funded. Sadly, they are funding an illegitimate opposition,”Bukele said in a statement. The televised ceremony was said to be the 200th anniversary of National Day.

He made the request in front of the head of the diplomatic delegation attending the presidential palace.

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