This DOGE bull predicts a 3,200% gain in Shiba Inu

This bullish Dogecoin investor estimates that the current value of the Shiba Inu could rise by 3,200%

Crypto media company Gokhshtein Media and PAC Protocol
CEO David Gokhshtein for Shiba Inu

The meme coin specifies a target of $0.001.

The cryptocurrency investor said he doesn’t think meme coins have the potential to break the $1 mark.

In October, Gokshtein asked the SHIB community to discuss how the cryptocurrency could reach $0.01, raising suspicions from the Dogecoin co-founder.

, Billy Marcus.

This is not the first time Gokshtein has made an ambitious price prediction for the popular cryptocurrency.

In August, he said DOGE was still valued at close to $1 as it was a gateway for new investors into the cryptocurrency market.

Gokshtein’s take on meme coins helping new investors enter the world of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin

and Ethereum

It remains the same.

“Projects like SHIB will provide a gateway to those who didn’t know they could buy a fraction of Bitcoin in our field,” he commented in a tweet on Thursday.

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