Planas, before the shutdown: ‘Either we try to build bridges or things will get very complicated’

The agriculture minister insisted that purchases had increased by “more than 20 percent” this week, but called for “calm”: “There are occasional shortages,” he said.

In the face of a carrier strike and worrying price increases in Spain, the agriculture minister, socialist Luis Planas, sent a double message this morning: We must remain calm because the shortage is on time, but we Engagement and “building bridges” must also be accelerated, because there can be no solutions without dialogue.

In an interview with Hoy por Hoy from Cadena SER, he expressed his “concerns” because supplies could be guaranteed and because the war in Ukraine would have repercussions for less developed countries, he admitted to the company and Zeng recalled that Spain A 20% increase in purchases has also had an impact on storage and prices. For all these reasons, he insists on talking and talking as an outlet. “Either we try to build bridges, or it’s going to be very complicated. If we get into it, we’ll be able to make a deal,”he said.

The government has given operators a €500 million bonus for specialist diesel. The executive branch has agreed to help from the National Road Transport Board, but the carrier group, which has not been summoned, has refused and will continue the strike. Some employers have decided to stop starting this Tuesday.

“Yesterday, the government made a solid proposal. It takes a good constructive attitude to solve the problem. It’s a complex issue. Either we try to build bridges, or it’s going to get very complicated. There will be a lack of specifics, but if we’re serious we will be able to reach an agreement,”Planas said.

“There’s a very tense moment, and it has to be linked to the end of the pandemic. It’s sad, both individually and collectively. It’s a reality. It’s not every day that we have wars in Europe. There are two ways to go: either go all out, or not going out,”he continued.

Planas insisted that “something happened,” as he put it, but that “the market is functioning almost normally.” “There have been product shortages in supermarkets, but now it’s on time. Buying is much higher, up to 20 percent. Calm down. The role of the agri-food industry is crucial,”he noted.

“My concern is that the price of feed or fertilizer is affordable. France has to buy 90 percent abroad. Spain is on the European average,”he noted.

“Companies have an obligation to say what will happen if supplies are reduced,” he also claimed, while praising one of the most affected fisheries sectors because “not only does it work very hard, it is very dangerous. It deserves special support.”

When asked by ANGels Barcelo whether prices would continue to rise, the Andalusian minister said: “We have the reality of a global market. When grain prices go up, things are complicated for farmers. But it’s good for food farmers. ​Will it be reflected in the prices of the shopping baskets? According to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) they are increasing, I hope so. We are facing a situation where prices are rising. This is not a Spanish problem, but Europe and the world the problem”.

Union work
Planas also referred to Spain’s shift in Western Sahara, which lifted ties with Morocco — where he himself served as an ambassador — but left the Saharans in trouble, condemning Polisario. He insisted that “the previous situation with Morocco has not been interrupted. We have a good relationship with our neighbors,”he said.

Contrary to the UN resolution and the Rabat proposal for the position of PSOE’s partner in La Moncloa, United We Can, Planas insisted that he wanted to find a “good and normal” environment in the Council of Ministers. Things from the inside don’t look the same as they look from the outside. We are a coalition government, two souls in the same project,”he defended.

“At one point, people thought there was a step forward. There was no rest here. I also highlighted the good relationship we have with our neighbours,”he said. “It’s a coalition government, two souls in one government. There are no problems in personal relationships,”he concluded.

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