Is now a good time to buy Ethereum Classic (ETC)?

The Ethereum Classic cryptocurrency surged more than 10% Wednesday night

observed movement
After a seven-day tracking period, the cryptocurrency was trading up 26.6 percent. In 24 hours, ETC rose 10.25% to 64.74 US dollars

Since the beginning of the year, ETC has emerged with a new brand identity while retaining the original blockchain that was separate from Ethereum​

In 2016, it surged to 1,031.29%.

In contrast, ETH gained 341.58% over the same period. After a 24-hour tracking period, ETH was trading up 2.86% at $3,225.81.

Why move?
ETC is aligning with the broader cryptocurrency market, with its market cap up 3.72% to $1.94 trillion at press time.

Benzinga’s Tyler Bundy wrote Wednesday that ETC is heading toward a cup-shaped pattern near resistance at $80.

Ethereum has traded higher since the cryptocurrency went through a London hard fork this month.

More recently, there have been some ETCs who are looking at mobile as a “cheaper” Ethereum game.​

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