Heineken warns traffic disruptions could leave pubs and restaurants without beer

The company assured that it was working “closely” with various national and regional authorities.

Heineken Spain has expressed “great concern” about the impact of the disruption to its operations, hotels and commercial customers’ business, and warned that if the situation continued, it would not be able to service their products due to “violent” picketing obstructing the normal operation of the company, commercial establishments, bars and restaurants, and the hoarding of raw materials.

In the face of this “complex” situation, the brewery “actively” requested the involvement of the public administration to guarantee freedom of movement for carriers who wish to continue working and to respect the rights of those who volunteered to strike.

To this end, the company has pledged to work “closely” with different national and regional authorities, as well as with business and industry associations such as Cerveceros de España and Fiab.

“Regrets the difficult situation facing the transport sector and Heineken Spain believes that it can be resolved as soon as possible and without further affecting all those who also suffer from its consequences, such as the entire agri-food industry, hoteliers, commercial establishments and, of course, consumers,” he noted.

Sources at the Spanish brewery told Europa Press that Mahou San Miguel admitted that their operations were “difficult” due to the disruption in transport, which had been going on for a week, which had an impact on their operations.

Mahou, San Miguel, Solán de Cabras and Alhambra
The owner of eight winemaking centres and four water springs with bottling plants in Spain reiterated that it is “offering and striving to provide maximum flexibility and safety for everyone”.

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