Analyst: Coinbase Poised to Be a ‘Generational Company’

Loup Funds Analysts Gene Munster and Doug Clinton Discuss Coinbase Global After Famous Super Bowl QR Code Ad

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Munster noted that the Coinbase announcement caught his eye, and he was happy to see it, since Loup is an investor in the cryptocurrency exchange.

“I think Coinbase strikes the ideal balance between facing a huge curve and sleeping well at night knowing you’re making money,” Munster said.

He added that Coinbase has the potential to become one of the generational companies that will become household names in 10 years’ time.

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Clinton said Coinbase’s announcement was creative, even though the platform’s apps stopped working. He noted that he also thinks the fact that the app is inaccessible is positive because it gets people talking about the company.

Clinton further stated that cryptocurrencies are closer to mainstream tipping than electric vehicles.

Coinbase Extends $3M Bitcoin Bonus

After its Super Bowl ad attracted attention, it wasn’t available to users until February 27.

The platform allows users to trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum (CRYPTO: and Dogecoin) Governor

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