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Win $5K of BCH Playing Cashgames From


Win $5K of BCH Playing Cashgames from’s gaming portal is filled with a plethora of casino-style games that allow you to wager and win with bitcoin cash (BCH). Last week, one punter did just that, scooping $5,000 of BCH from a progressive slot. All of the games that feature on’s Cashgames portal are provably fair, with a typical return of 99% or greater. All it takes is a little BCH to participate.

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Anonymous Player Wins 33 BCH Playing Cashgames

Bitcoin and betting have long been synonymous, with the earliest use cases for the digital currency comprising simple high-low gambling games such as Satoshi Dice. There’s even evidence that Satoshi intended to incorporate a virtual poker game into Bitcoin’s first code. At, we’ve maintained this tradition by enabling people to participate in games of chance in which the outcome can be verified. This type of transparency is at the heart of peer-to-peer currencies such as bitcoin cash, which is a natural fit for provably fair gaming. On March 18, one anonymous player tried their luck on one of the Cashgames progressive slots, and won 33 BCH, worth over $5,000.

Win $5K of BCH Playing Cashgames From

Cashgames features an array of casino favorites including video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and keno. There’s also slots and dice, with the latter game akin to the original Satoshi Dice that was once so popular among early bitcoiners. Because Cashgames is powered by BCH, fast and low cost deposits and payouts are guaranteed. Players can try out all of the games in testmode before electing to deposit bitcoin cash and play for real. If you don’t have BCH handy, Sideshift integration will enable you to switch from other cryptocurrencies such as BTC quickly and privately. Alternatively, there is a BTC-based version of the portal called Bitcoin Games.

Win up to 4,000 BCH in One Go

Whether you choose to bet big or stay small on Cashgames is your call. Because of its provably fair setup, the gaming portal gives players confidence in the outcome of each hand played, dice rolled, or roulette wheel spun. While residents of a handful of countries including the U.S. are not allowed to play for real BCH, Cashgames is accessible in most countries where gambling is legal.

There’s some serious sums to be won too: land a royal flush in video poker, and you could be looking at a jackpot in excess of 4,000 BCH. Even if you’re simply curious to see how a cryptocurrency-powered gaming site operates, there’s plenty to keep you rapt. Check out Cashgames and see what you can win at the provably fair site with a 99% return.

Have you tried Cashgames? What are your thoughts on the BCH-powered gaming portal? Let us know in the comments section below.

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