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Why Every Crypto Investor Needs a Time-Tested Fountain Pen


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Call it the revenge of the fountain pen. After being pushed out of the market by the ballpoint pen in the 1960s, the fountain pen is making a strong comeback. Pens, once a staple of everyday life, are used less but valued more in the digital world. You may eschew a pen to scribble a quick note to self, make a shopping list or doodle back-of-the-envelope calculations for a smartphone app. But when it comes to signing a contract, writing a check or taking meeting notes only the finest pen will do. And of course, when writing your diary or great opus, nothing can compare with the smell of fresh ink and paper.

Although the pen is being used less, the value of luxury pens is rising. The greening consumer is partly behind the trend. As a more environmentally conscious consumer rejects disposable pens, Google searches for the enduring fountain pen have reached a 14-year high. The disposable society is increasingly choosing sustainable fountain and ballpoint pens with refillable ink.

Ancora, one of the world’s oldest makers of pens, has used a sustainable pen production system since its founding in 1919 that appeals to the green consumer. Since its founding in 1919, Ancora’s pen production has continued to involve manual labor to encrust gems and apply mother of pearls and painting techniques. Ancora produces additional environmental benefits by using an inflation system that reduces ink usage by up to 40 percent. For the Bitcoin enthusiast, the Milan-based firm is currently selling a limited edition of 88 Bitcoin fountain pens and 888 Bitcoin rollerball pens with 18-karat gold nibs.

Why the crypto investor needs a fountain pen

Green or not, the fountain pen can be a good investment. Not all pens will see their value whip past the long-term returns of the stock market, but some have outpaced Bitcoin’s strong returns. Retail prices vary across brands. A mid-range popular Montblanc pen starts in the $100 range while the average Ancora luxury pen starts in the $1,000 range.

Ancora’s limited edition Bitcoin Pen, starting at $2,250, is available at half price during the production phase running from Jan. 5-26, 2018. Generally, limited edition items do well in the luxury collectibles market. Ancora 80th Anniversary Pens sold in 1999 now go for between $2,000 and $5,000 on eBay. Ancora’s colorful celluloid pens produced in the 1930’s  are still in high demand by collectors.

A benefit of buying a fountain and ballpoint pens as a luxury good is they often hold their own value in precious metals and gems. Among the most extravagant is Canadian jewelery designer Anita Tan’s Heaven Gold Pen encrusted with 161 colored diamonds and ancient Tsavorite gemstones, which sells for close to $1 mln. Ancora uses precious gems and materials, including titanium, vulcanite, marble and lava. For nearly a century, the scrawl of Ancora pen users has smoothly slid over paper on a pure gold nib.

Bejewelled and bewitched

Many of those who have made the switch to a fine fountain pen have become converts. A properly engineered precision pen can make writing enjoyable, if not an art form. On the favorite social media new site of upwardly mobile professionals, Reddit, a fountain pen stream swaps tips on fountain pens and handwriting. These subtle differences in the writing experience explain the longevity of the well-crafted pens of brands like Ancora. Especially if writing for a long time, the superior ergonomics and materials over disposable pens create a more pleasant user experience.

Now, 976 Bitcoin enthusiasts can invest in a limited edition Ancora Bitcoin pen. The pens can be purchased with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Euros or US Dollars. The Bitcoin Pen is part of a Crypto Pen Series. Visit Ancora’s Telegram site and vote on the crypto pen you would like to own.

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