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What Kind of Problems Can Zeepin Blockchain Help Designers to Solve?

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What Kind of Work Styles Will Be Adopted by Innovators in the Future?

GDP of Creative Industry

Britain, a global leader in the cultural and creative fields, is the first country in the world to define the connotation of cultural and creative industries and put forward relevant strategic development planning and polices. After nearly 30 years of rapid development, the cultural and creative industries have become the second largest sector in Britain, followed by the financial service industry. Among the top three hottest design academies released by Dezzen, an authoritative website for architectural design, in 2016, the British Royal College of Art and the Bartlett School of Architecture was top 1 and top 2 on the ranking list. Every year, the cultural and creative industries have contributed to GBP91.8 billion for Britain, with an annual growth of 7.6%, which is much faster than the overall growth of the national economy.

Decentralized Innovative Platform

Statistics shows that currently more than 3 million people are engaged in the cultural and creative industries in UK, which means that one out of every 20 British is connected to the cultural and creative industries. However, in some developed countries, high operating cost has stopped the innovative companies from booming and sound development.

Regarding to the development situation of other countries and regions, for example, in South America and emerging Asian countries such as China and India, excellent cultural and creative practitioners have always been in short supply. The fact that high-quality talents are in short supply in certain areas while are oversupplied in others indicates the imbalance between supply and demand of designers and innovative talents worldwide.

Three characteristics for the upgrading of creative industry: talent globalization, market globalization, and copyright decentralization

Zeepin Chain is committed to building a distributed smart economy platform for the cultural and creative industries, such as ZeeCrew, a borderless design team, and ZeeCreate, a disintermediated innovative platform. On the Zeepin blockchain, designers across the world can obtain an independent and reliable identity. Clients can directly communicate with the designers on projects, with no need for third-party credit institutions or intermediary agencies. This can create mutual benefits as no commissions needs to be paid on either side. Easier and more efficient access has been created to those who share the innovative contents and those who are in need of the creative work.

Decentralized Copyright Market

Copyright protection has always been a challenge for the global cultural and creative industries. Now let’s have a look at Japan, another country where the cultural and creative industries are highly developed. Specifically, the animation industry takes up 10% of Japan’s GDP, but this pillar industry has long been undermined by severe overseas piracy. According to a survey conducted by the Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs in 2012, the amount of infringement in Japanese cultural industry reached at about JPY560 billion in Asia. The situation is even worse in North America. According to a survey conducted by Japan’s Ministry of Economy in 2013, cyber piracy in aspect of comics and animation industries in the U.S. , caused 2 trillion dollars loss in economy.

Last year, Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry worked with more than 40 well-known enterprises in the industry such as Shueisha, Kodansha, and Studio Ghibli to establish a dedicated website to fight against the piracy worldwide with legal means. However, this approach turned out to be less efficient while piracy is still devouring the markets in many regions. As the pillar industry is confronted with severe piracy, designers and creative talents may find themselves easily trapped into long-term struggle for evidence obtaining and lost in disputes.Unfortunately, most of them would choose to compromise to focus more on give up their creativity work.

ZeeRights, ZeeProof, and ZeeSure provide the most powerful weapons for copyright protection. They can not only provide safe, traceable, and irreversible copyright proof, but also offer innovators with various kinds of insurance offerings on digital intellectual property as well as legal consultation services.

Based on the blockchain technology, designers and creative talents from all over the world can conduct right confirmation to verify literature, video, and audio works, so as to ensure the accuracy and uniqueness of ownership. For example, after the works of a designer is confirmed on Zeepin, the subsequent transactions will be recorded in a real time manner, so as to realize the full life circle management of digital copyrights. Moreover, designers can launch their creative projects worldwide any time to seamlessly connect the supply and demand sides, or initiate crowdfunding for their works. Participants in every upstream and downstream link along the whole industrial chain can obtain rewards of ZPT added values.

As a fair and efficient technology with huge potentials, the blockchain has attracted worldwide attention due to its promising prospects over recent years, and it is expected to lead the third great transformation of Internet. The diversified ecosystem of cultural and creative industries created by Zeepin Chain has wiped out industrial boundaries and will accelerate the circulation and realization of creative industrial values, serving as a boost in the cultural and creative industries that has been challenged by difficulties related to supply and demand, circulation, copyright, and added values.

In the future, the intermediary agencies, such as advertising agents, will be replaced. Disintermediation, decentralization, and freelance will become more popular, and the remuneration of global designers will also be increased. Creativity copyrights will be protected by the decentralized blockchain, with no need to submit applications to national copyright authorities. In the future, even a film, a record, or a mobile phone will be completed jointly by designers worldwide and relevant cooperators.

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What Kind of Problems Can Zeepin Blockchain Help Designers to Solve?

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