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Three Things You Probably Did Not Know About Peculium and AIEVE

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When Peculium released the presale ICO, many people thought that it was simply another offering that would die away. But they were wrong. The artificial intelligence being used by Peculium is the most advanced so far. It utilizes the latest technologies of machine learning to train and effect advanced cryptocurrency market analytics. Here are three things that you probably never knew about Peculium and AIEVE.

The Peculium ICO is closing on 24th January 2018

Like other ICOs, the Peculium ICO is only available during a small window of opportunity. This is the best chance to acquire the native tokens before they start trading in the exchanges. The ICO is closing on 24th January of 2018. If you buy the tokens within the remaining days, a bonus of 10% will be given.

You can access the beta version of Peculium for personal assessment

Before implementing a software-based product that is expected to have a lot of impacts, it is crucial to test everything. Peculium is using the beta version to establish whether there are issues, challenges, or problems that can be addressed before the final launch.

This video gives a detailed insight into how the Peculium platform works: 

[embedded content]

The Peculium AI can be used with any cryptocurrency

One thing that is making Peculium ICO attract a lot of interest is because of cross-platform applicability. Once you have the Peculiums AIEVE you can easily follow any network and get prompt analytics based on market performance.

A big proportion of the cryptocurrency community has a lot of faith in Peculium ICO  

As more cryptocurrencies enter the cryptocurrency market, the reality of Big Data complexity dawns. Now, Peculiums AIEVE is here to solve the problem. This is what is endearing it to many people. Though it is true that a significant proportion wants to watch and get the assurance, there is a lot of faith and expectations from Peculium.

Three Things You Probably Did Not Know About Peculium and AIEVE

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