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The Future of Funding for Decentralized Real Projects : HODL Incentive Token


Powered by an ICD: HODL Incentive Token or HODLit, will show you how it works, why it is essential to the Blockchain community, and last but not least: why it matters to you.

HODLit was created to avoid the excessive volatility of cryptos markets, allowing for an uninterrupted growth in the price of organic Ethereum and the economic stimulation of the holding and acquisition of new Ethers during the panic of the market. That allows the creation of a mechanism to cover against crypto-emotional bloodbaths.

How does it work

To achieve these goals, we created Proof of HODL [POH]. This proof is given when a user successfully holds his Ether for a week. The user is rewarded with HODLit in proportion to the amount of Ether held. Their white-paper here

The HODL Proof is an essential element of the HODL Incentive Token and is implemented directly into the ERC20 compatible smart contract. The more you hold on a regular basis, the more you earn.

The HODLit network, a robust ecosystem

Several future DApps have already expressed interest in HODLit and will use HODL evidence as the primary means of distributing them. In fact, those DApps will distribute token holders to HODLit, empowering HODLit network and the community.

Our goal is to create a HODLIT ecosystem and spread the use of ICD’s and the HODL Proof as an alternative to shady ICO.

Unlike the initial currency offer (ICO), an ICD refers to distribution. That means there is no “offer” of a token in exchange for the Ethereum. The token is given based merely on the HODL Proof. Therefore, the HODLit network is a more sustainable and transparent way to innovate and build the future of decentralized applications.

We urge the use of ICD’s instead of ICO’s through a HODL verification mechanism. Nonetheless, several statements have to be made:

  • The project does not refer to accepting HODLit instead of Ethereum because it would not be different from an ICO.
  • The project does not refer to the stimulation of ICD’s related to the exclusive property of the Ethereum because it would not be democratic and would be the token in the hands of a few.
  • The project aims to stimulate HODLit property-related ICD’s because the distribution process is democratic, needs active user behavior, benefits from cryptos-markets, and does not destroy the Ethereum network effect.

How can you participate in the project?

Phase 1: Initial Coinage Distribution [ICD].

The first phase of the project is an initial coinage distribution [ICD] involving a significant 20 million tokens casting based on a one-time proof of HODL.

Phase 2: Progressive Coin Distribution [PCD].

The second phase is the continuous distribution of coins [PCD]. This phase will start about 15 days after the completion of the ICD and will consist of a gamble ERC721 based on HODL of Ethereum and HODLit.

ICD’s are entirely new phenomena, even if AIRDROPS are very common. They are a perfect symbiosis between the newly created currency and the base currency. In fact, the US dollar was used similarly during the Gold Standard.  For more information visit their website.


  • You must hold Eth on MyEtherWallet or Metamask. Tutorials are online to use these tools.
  • The minimum amount of Ethereum must be 0.21. THE MORE YOU HODL ETH, THE MORE YOU WILL RECEIVE HODLIT.
  • You must hold ETH until 14.03.2018 (20:00 UTC) to benefit from the airdrop.
  • There is a referral program: every new hodler who introduces your referral address is 20 HIT FREE FOR YOU!
  • Referral link must start by 0x (0 = zero, not the letter).
  • If necessary, here is the address of the contract:



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