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The Future of Cinema Is on Blockchain

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With 6,000 film festivals are organized every year on a global scale and more than 100,000 talented film directors, only 100 films have realistic chances of reaching the rental market. The rest of them, irrespective of their potential, may never see the light of day.

This is where comes in. Initially launched in 2014 as an Internet Video Co-Viewing  (IVCV) platform targeted at filmmakers chasing their big break in the digital world, the company has prepared version 2.0 which is leverage Blockchain technology to shape a new vision aimed at rewarding both filmmakers and viewers.

A win-win for viewers and filmmakers 2.0 is on the verge of creating a decentralized social platform of online cinemas. The goal is to bring independent filmmakers and avid viewers from around the globe in one place. Through its IVCV model, the company allows an unlimited number of users to watch the same movie at the same time from one virtual theater.

As opposed to conventional video content platforms like Vimeo and YouTube, will enable filmmakers to make a profit and get recognized by selling tickets to their premiers, set their own prices and dates, gain access to analytics and access in-depth viewer feedback and viewing audience.

Version 2.0 of jumps on the Blockchain bandwagon to reward viewers as well. Apart from gaining access to the most recent films, they get a unique opportunity to get paid for reviewing and watching them in the form of ApplauseCash (APLC),’s personal token.

Facebook following’s footsteps?

CinemaWell’s social video co-viewing concept was launched four years ago when posting long, movie-like videos on social channels like Facebook, and allowing people to interact was not yet made possible. Allegedly, Facebook wanted to buy CinemaWell in 2014 for $95 mln, a Crunchbase report highlighted at the time. The rumors were neither confirmed nor denied. Although no acquisition was made public, the connection between the two platforms remains viable especially now that Facebook has started testing a similar IVCV technology initially developed by founder, Serge Petrov.

The company doesn’t exclude the possibility of Facebook snooping around throughout the years. The newest feature being tested by the social media giant is called “Watch Parties,” a Facebook integration for video content where people can watch shows together with their friends, existing on CinemaWell since 2014 when its founder highlighted the platform’s unique feature.

“Internet Video Co-Viewing (IVCV)  is a shared viewing of online films that can be integrated into Facebook, Instagram, Russia’s VKontakte and even Twitter,” Serge Petrov said. will launch the Blockchain-based version of the platform in late April, beginning of May this year, which begs the question: will there be an offer from Facebook? Mark Zuckerberg and Fidji Simo, Facebook’s Product VP, made several official declarations earlier this January highlighting their plans to make the social media channel more focused on video content and social video sharing.

Decentralization was also brought up by Zuckerberg who argued that advanced technology has been a decentralized force since the 90s and that it’s time to restore the power back into the hands of the people.

The Pre-Sale is now live, and it will last until Jan. 24, with one APLC token estimated at 0.0011 ETH. The total supply of ApplauseCash tokens is 300 mln. 49 percent will be used to pay viewers for watching and reviewing movies. 48 percent goes into the ICO, followed by three percent split equally between the Pre-ICO, Bounty Campaign and advisory board.

In fact, is already paying users for watching movies. The current version works by watching the movie ‘One minute time machine’ and get your ApplauseCash today.

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