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The DAOx Project: How Blockchain-Based Entities Will Reshape the Business

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Imagine a company with a management team and investors. Just like any other company. Now, on the surface the company appears average, but there is something different. And here is what.

All of the participants own digital shares, which can be traded or transferred as easily as sending a message. The investments for this company were raised all over the world, with no bureaucracy or geographical boundaries.

The raised funds are secured and could be spent only on project development, while the decisions are made by means of transparent voting. It took only several minutes to establish this company while no financial expenses or specialist involvement was required. The rules the organization is based on are constant and familiar to everyone. The opinion of the majority of shareholders is the only decision making tool.

This and many other crypto-companies are being launched using the DAOx Platform. (

The DAOx is a blockchain-based fundraising and business ecosystem, which provides a full complex solution for ICOs, crowdfunding, and crowdinvesting.

The main principle is that each startup and its investors together, create a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), built on the Ethereum blockchain. The funds are raised in it and are managed via previously determined rules.

The creation and managing of a DAO is done in a user-friendly interface via web browser. Despite the easiness of the process, each organization is fully independent from DAOx developers. This is achieved due to the fact that all the procedures related to the organization’s establishment, token release, transfer, and return of funds proceed in the blockchain.

The platform implements all the necessary features, including fundraising (similar to ICOs), the redistribution of funds, and voting and tokens generation, through a simple interface.

What Can be Done With DAOx?

The teams’ main priority is to provide cryptocurrencies and blockсhain opportunities across all the spheres, not just for the tech or blockchain oriented areas. However, DAOx is also perfectly suitable for running decentralized ICOs (DAICOs).

A decentralized approach to an ICO draws the attention of investors, since this kind of approach reduces their risks. For those startup teams that honestly want to achieve their goals, the use of DAICO serves as a strong confirmation of their intents. Therefore, the token sales will rise.

DAOx improves crowdfunding drastically as well, solving three main problems: high commissions, frequent failures of projects at initial stages, and geographical boundaries. The platform itself has almost the same set of features typical of crowdfunding sites; in the short run one can anticipate kickstarter-style projects moving to a new paradigm of the crypto economy. Currently, the total amount of funds that are raised through crowdfunding amounts to $9B a year.

However, innovations are being made most notably in the sphere of crowdinvesting. Thus, new and unique opportunities have opened up in that area, as this has never been possible before blockchain technology became widespread. For instance, transparent voting or token distribution. The aim of DAOx is to make those opportunities easily-accessible, not only to tech companies, but to everyone.  

Now, it should be noted that if the business of the project which is raising funds is outside of the blockchain area, it is challenging to protect the interests of DAO’s members. To address that issue, DAOx proposes the creation and introduction of Curators. Curators, are independent entities, which act as a connecting link between the company’s legal body and members of a DAO. The main goal of curators is to protect the interests of token holders.

Thus, DAOx implements the approach of creating an integrated ecosystem for the next generation’s enterprises, which are not bound to a certain jurisdiction, but exist in an independent blockchain space. In other words, if Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, then by means of DAOx one can establish crypto-companies.  

The Mass Adoption of Crowdinvesting and the DAOx Wallet

Just as there is an app for users in the ecosystem established by UBER, there is a Wallet in the DAOx ecosystem.

DAOx Wallet is an app, which allows users to interact with the DAOx-based ecosystem. The main goal of this tool is to make crowdinvesting widely available, simple, and popular with average person, not only investors.

In turn, just imagine a tool that enables anyone to invest $1 dollar into a project for the construction of a skyscraper and get a tokenized share, and the whole procedure is as simple as sending a message. This is how we are initializing the mass adoption of crowdinvesting via crypto economy.

The first version of the app will allow users to look through and invest in any organization listed in the catalogue, exchange tokenized shares, or even sell them on the internal stock market.

DXT — The Cryptocurrency Backed by Ventures

Currently, DAOx is in the period of beta testing with Ethereum, as the main currency being used to purchase tokens of organizations. However, a separate token DXT will be introduced on the platform soon.   

DXT is a token, which is used to invest in DAOx-based organizations and is soon to be the only usable token on the platform. Due to the fact that DXT is needed for financing real business-projects that create value, it could be regarded as a cryptocurrency, backed by a fully functional economy. The liquidity of DXT will increase with the growth of projects — our main priority for the nearest future.

We are launching DXT in order to preserve the sustainability of the DAOx ecosystem, against external factors and to prevent a reliance on the volatility of other cryptocurrencies.

When Will it be Possible to Start?

The Beta version of the platform is already online, with the first projects on their way.

The DAOx Project: How Blockchain-Based Entities Will Reshape the Business

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