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The Bitcoin Evolution (Part 2)


On our Previous Post, we took time to look at Bitcoins and its Take since its arrival…
So after knowing about Bitcoins You must find a way of accumulating and increase your bitcoins.
For this, we going to look at trading BTC.

Why Trade? 

Trading appears deceptively easy. A beginner may cautiously enter the market, win a few times, and start

Feeling brilliant and invincible.

That’s when he starts taking wild risks and ends up with a bad loss. You know People trade for many reasons—some rational and many irrational.
Trading offers an opportunity to make a lot of money in a hurry.

Money symbolizes freedom to many people, even though they often don’t know what to do with it.

If you know how to trade, you can make your own hours, live and work anywhere you please, and never answer to a Boss

Trading is a fascinating game: chess, poker, checkers, and a video game rolled into one.

People who like challenges Are the ones who are mostly Attracted by trading. It attracts risk-takers and repels those who avoid risk.

An average person gets up in the morning, goes to work, has a lunch break, returns home, has dinner, watches TV, and goes to sleep.

If he makes a few extra dollars, he puts them into a savings account. A trader keeps odd hours and puts his capital at risk. Many traders are loners who abandon the certainties of the routine and take a leap into the unknown.


Many people have an innate drive to achieve their personal best, to develop their abilities to the fullest. This drive, along with the pleasure of the game and the lure of money, propels traders to challenge the markets.

Good traders tend to be hardworking and shrewd people, open to new ideas unless You are the Lazy Dummbpkofe! type.

The goal of a good trader, paradoxically, is not to make money. His goal is to trade well.

 Self-Mental Planning!

If he trades right, money follows almost as an afterthought. Successful traders keep honing their skills as they try to reach their personal best. A professional trader ‘s Goal is To reach a level where winning does not elate him and losing does not deflate him. He is to focus on trading right and improving his skills that money no longer influences his emotions.

What are the cons?

The trouble with self-fulfillment is that many people have self-destructive streaks. Accident-prone drivers keep destroying their cars, and self-destructive traders keep destroying their accounts.
Markets offer vast opportunities for self-sabotage, as well as for Acting out your internal conflicts in the marketplace is a very expensive proportion…

Remember The first step is what will determine if you are to fall or rise.

So You decide where you want To be..

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