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The Bitcoin Evolution (Part 1)


Many of you know about cryptocurrencies
When I say cryptocurrencies I mean…



Litcoins and the likes.

For those who don’t know about bitcoins, put It in a few words.

Bitcoin Is the Future.

Bitcoins are Today and Tomorrow.
I hope you got It, no? Still, didn’t get it, hmm, here we go.. to know what Bitcoin is please refer to this previous post, What is Bitcoin?
Ok now after seeing what is Bitcoin alias BTC is the questions that arise.

Why Bitcoins?

Bitcoin makes financial transactions more open and accessible around the world.

You might be asking yourself How?

Let’s look at the scenario of Trading and Making Payments to people and other business before the coming of bitcoin the Bitcoin network…

Before bitcoin.

You–>Your money at the Bank<–Intermediaries/Third parties –> Their bank –>Other People and businesses.

After Bitcoin.

You—>The Bitcoin Network<—Other people and businesses..
As you can see bitcoin has Opened wide and Eased the Doors for Trading It Today’s world.
Refer To picture Below.

Who else uses Bitcoin?

Many companies are now seeing Bitcoin as a valid source of payment for their products.
This include.
Expedia and the list go On.

What is the take for Bitcoins..?


Other currencies have been silently robbing you of purchasing power since 90’s. As days Go the value of Currencies the likes of Dollar keeps going down as the price of Goods rises.


Unlike other currencies like Dollar, Bitcoin has grown in value since It was Created In 2012 by (Satoshi Nakamoto) hence protecting You from federal Reserves since its creation.
Let’s Look at the Gap of Bitcoin price for one year Till date.
12 May 2016 = 466$$
12 May 2017 = 11540$
12 May 2018 = 8500$
As you can see Btc value has Appreciated By more than 1000%.
Who still Refuses bitcoin Is the Future Of currency..?

In the next post we Will see The potential which Bitcoin Has should you invest All In or let it go..

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