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Tap Coin Spanning the Gaming Economy Universe through the Blockchain


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Games, and the gaming ecosystem, has transcended the antisocial individualistic pastime. It has become big businesses with entire sports being born from it. But more than that, there is a burgeoning economy that has a real market that is affected by real currency.

However, the market that has developed from the gaming economy is fractured, compartmentalised, and very modular. Someone who is is making a killing in digital game tokens by completing in game tasks is limited to only that game, or that developer’s stable of games.

These tokens have become so valuable that they can be transferred for fiat currency, and then moved across to other games and developers, but this is clunky and inefficient. As more gamers are drawn in, the more ridiculous not having a global game coin starts to look.

Tapping into the entire market

Within the competitive gaming market, there is cutthroat developers trying to draw in the highest number of gamers, however, those same gamers do like to flitter between games and developers. However, once they have made their digital fortune in one game, it is difficult to move token across to a new game.

A need for a utility token is clearly there, and to that end, Tap Coin is looking to fill this gap. Tap Coin will be the token that the company hopes will allow for a smooth and efficient transfer of funds between games and platforms.

It is through the power of the Blockchain that Tap Coin has recognised an opportunity to make this supposedly seamless transferal happen. A decentralised blockchain system, with integrated smart contract, means that there is no squabbling or power moves by certain developers.

The Blockchain also means that the system is self executing and means there is no need for expensive, and corruptible, middlemen.


It is not only the enjoyment and fun that comes with playing games that draws people in, it is becoming a viable option for ‘sportsmen’ to become competitive players, and there is chance of making money in games.

It is this monetization that Tap Coin is looking to build on that is really key to their plan. With the integration of gaming, and Blockchain, and by extension digital currencies, Tap Coin allows gamers to truly earn money whilst playing video games. Countless hours can finally be recognized and gamers are paid to play. Exchanging of in game premium and in game earned currencies can all be done with the Tap Platform and the added Integration with a crypto wallet allows for immediate connection to the Blockchain

Making partners

Of course, all of this integration across games and platforms calls for partnerships to be developed with these development houses, which is something Tap Coin has been working on.

Tap Coin will be partnering with international developers, Juego Studios. This partnership will introduce a mobile game that will apparently pave the way for converting in-game currency to cryptocurrency through the Tap Platform.

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