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TaaS Partners with EGT International to Fuel Crypto Distribution among Online Publishing Sites

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Token-As-A-Service (TaaS) has secured yet another partnership within its fast-growing blockchain-focused closed-end fund. The Ukrainian-based organization has teamed up with EGT International Corp, the Engagement Token provider ahead of their ICO.

EGT International’s proprietary tokens will fuel pay-per-article publishing platform SolidOpinion. The publishing platform is designed to increase on-site publishing engagement and drive value for advertisers looking to obtain relevant ad space above high-performing articles; by utilizing EGT’s tokens, advertisers can purchase valuable on-site real estate and audience members can earn these tokens through on-site commenting.

Through gamifying audience interaction, EGT International and SolidOpinion have created a solution that benefits publishers, advertisers, and online audiences, equally. The platform is already being utilized by major publishers including the Baltimore Sun and the LA Times.

President and CEO of TaaS, Ruslan Gavrilyuk is eager to welcome EGT International to the Taas family. Gavrilyuk said, “The Engagement Token represents the future of online publishing. Together, EGT International and SolidOpinion have devised an innovative approach to fixing the industry’s long-broken model through on-site gamification which will allow publishers to finally compete with the social media and search engines which have been siphoning off their traffic and value. We’re excited to be a part of this new chapter in digital publishing.”

Constantine Goltsev, the platform’s creator, “We are thrilled to partner with TaaS; their knowledge of the token economy is unparalleled and their vast network of experienced blockchain innovators will enable our Engagement Token to gain traction and visibility. We know that the market for new tokens is crowded right now with organizations who are bringing unproven and undeveloped blockchain-based applications in front of buyers. The Engagement Platform already has a vast user base of companies who are benefitting from the technology, and we believe that this new partnership with TaaS will allow us to increase our visibility as pioneers within the new token economy, and thus, continue to provide solutions to both advertisers and publishers.”

For more information on EGT International’s current token sale, please visit engagementtoken.com

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TaaS Partners with EGT International to Fuel Crypto Distribution among Online Publishing Sites

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