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Putting Your Personal Data in Your Hands with Persona


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The idea of ones digital identity has grown over the years to be an important identity of oneself. It is also an aspect of each individual’s digital life that is scarily out of control. However, Persona, an identity management solution, is hoping to solve all that through the power of the Blockchain.

Your digital identity is a huge part of who you are online, and while it is essential to making your way through the technological expanse, it is also equally important to be in control of what is being shared out there.

It is through the Blockchain, by mixing the Ark technology and the integration of smart contracts, that Persona believes that they have a solution that allows for individuals to share what needs to be shared to certain platforms in order to simplify and smooth the dispersion of personal data.

Control your data

It almost seems crazy to say that your personal and private data should not be available to all in sundry. However, that is often the case. We, as people, are happy to share our medical information with doctors, as well as medical insurers and even health clubs, because of the advantages it brings.

Still, that same information, once out there on the web, maybe potentially available to a whole host of other companies and services that have no business delving into that information

With Persona, the belief is that individuals will have a much higher form of control over their data. Persona enables individuals to share their private details with certain partners of their choosing, and also allows them to revoke that same information.

This is a type of granularity that allows for tiers of information sharing to be handled by the actual owners of the data and makes Persona blockchain complaint with the latest regulations in data protection

The power of the private key

Persona use a tool that is familiar to many in the cryptocurrency space: encryption. By making use of a two steps encryption, the requester does not access data directly and the verified person is notified when they need to grant access to segments of their profile to different entities.

Because of the power of the blockchain, and the privacy that comes from control of a private key, the user can determine exactly what can and cannot be share to whomever they desire.

Endless possibilities

The power of data is often highly underrated, yet so sought after, in today’s modern era. People pay for things all the time in data without even knowing it, while companies market their products better or pivot their products based on it.

Data can also become a tool for fighting fake news. By having articles signed with the content producer’s private key, search engines will be able bring to top those signed articles while excluding the unsigned ones, making sure only true, trustworthy material is reaching people’s news feeds.

Another strong use-case for Persona is sharing of medical data. Individuals will be able to share their data with different physicians while having control over it.

Access to data can be easily cut. Based on being aligned with the latest regulations for Data Protection, Persona makes sure that each person is the de facto owner of their data.

More than just 2FA

Persona is more than a secure 2FA. It is an identity management system which allows each individual to manage all aspects in relation with their digital self.

Full control, through Persona’s dedicated apps, allows for a much higher level of control and power of personal data as well as mass adoption of blockchain technologies by new end users.

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