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Openledger Has a Bright Future Ahead, and a Booming Crypto Market

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OpenLedger is a trading platform that was first introduced into the Danish market in 2014. Since then, especially cryptocurrencies exceptional performance in 2017, the platform has seen more than 300 million USD exchanged with a daily trading volume of $5 million.

Bitshare Based Technology

OpenLedger is a decentralized exchange built upon Bitshares Blockchain MIT Graphene Toolkit Technology. Due to the decentralized nature of the exchange, users of the accounts are the ones that control the money, with no way for the exchange to steal user’s funds.

Bitshares technology enables users to not have to own digital currencies as all funds deposited are converted to Bitshares currency or stablecoins, crypto pegged to an asset, like bitUSA or bitCNY. Ronny Boesing, CEO, explains the OpenLedger service in more detail, stating:

“Part of the service that OpenLedger offers via the Bitshares network and the OpenLedger crypto gateways is for the user to exchange their crypto holding into BTS or aforementioned stablecoins for unique hedging purposes and then store their virtual currencies securely.”

OBITs, OpenLedger Currency

OpenLedger also offers their own currency OBITs, issued on the Bitshare blockchain over 2 years ago. Acting as a token, reward, as well as a voucher, token holders can use it for certain services and products, to access the platform, or to hold OBITs and receive passive incomes as OpenLedger has been buying back OBITs to reduce token supply (and therefore make them more valuable) since February last year.

The exchange has even begun supporting Karma as part of its ITO solution, which is a p2p loans ecosystem. OpenLedger now only supports the exchange of the tokens, but the marketing and distribution of the tokens as well.

Ronny Boesing, the company founder, looks to continue offering blockchain-technology solutions through expanding the services of OpenLedger, as well as his finalizations on his new gaming industry focused platform GetGame.

What Boesing is working on for his new platform is not an independent product, but a foreshadow of a much larger plan to develop a platform expansive enough to support all industries through a single set of tools for entrepreneurs and startups.

While he is working on a new project he has not left OpenLedger neglected, with potential partnerships with online retailer giants Amazon and Alibaba in the current business plan. Ronny Boesing made a recent comment to the Danish newspaper Boersen, stating

“I have throughout my life earned my money by bringing products to people all around the world. That is in fact what I still do. The product is just a little different,”

With further innovations and offerings continually being added to the platform, OBITs value is sure to steadily increase over time, proving to be an attractive long-term growth opportunity for token holders.

About Ronny Boesing and Openledger

Cryptocurrency exchange owner Ronny Boesing has had more than a successful career, starting selling video games and CD’s around the world, to starting Crypto coins exchange Denmark in 2014. The trading-platform where digital currencies like BTC could be exchanged for Fiat currencies like GBP, USD or the Danish Krone. Later renamed as OpenLedger, the platform’s launch occurred while China was in the process of banning bitcoin and Mt. Gox’s collapse.

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