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New Tasking Platform Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash


New Tasking Platform Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash

The crypto community has been discussing a new tasking platform fueled by bitcoin cash (BCH) called The platform, developed by Tobias B, a programmer headquartered in Berlin, gives users incentives to answer questions, participate in surveys, and obtain BCH by completing bounties.

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Lazyfox Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash for Tasks and Bounties

On March 13, a developer called Tobias B announced the public beta launch of, a bitcoin cash-powered Q&A and tasking site aimed at rewarding users with BCH. Tobias explained to BCH supporters on r/btc that Lazyfox users can ask questions and set up bounties for other users to answer them by way of an incentive. The creator says he aimed to create a platform that is similar to Stackoverflow and Fiverr. Essentially there are three main features on the site available to registered users: creating tasks, solving tasks and resolving disputes.

“After a user solved a task on and the creator accepted it, the reward will immediately be paid out to the user’s payout address,” explained Tobias. “No user balances are stored on the site.”

New Tasking Platform Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash landing page and tasks.

Lazyfox Features Badger Wallet and Cash-ID Support

At the moment Lazyfox has a bunch of different tasks for users to accomplish. Assignments include recommending a tourist guide, bug report bounties, and describing good streaming movies to another user. Users can also advertise things and use specific tags for services like writing, programming, translation, bounties, graphics editing, animation, web design, and tourism. In order to resolve a dispute, users can receive a certain percentage of the task’s reward and Lazyfox also charges a fee of 1 percent. Additionally, the developer has added Badger wallet support and Jonathan Silverblood’s Cash-ID specifications.

New Tasking Platform Rewards Users With Bitcoin Cash tags.

“The site fully integrates Badger wallet as a login/signup method as well to combine login/signup via bitcoin signature with awesome usability,” Tobias explained. “Also for payments the platform shows a convenient button if Badger is installed — Shoutout to Jonathan Silverblood for writing the Cash-ID specification and the guys from Badger for the awesome badger chrome/firefox plugin.”

Lazyfox follows the recent release of a similar platform called Taskopus that aims to be an Amazon Mechanical Turk competitor using bitcoin cash. Taskopus was developed by the team who built Freelanceforcoins and was launched a few days before the Lazyfox platform. Similarly to Taskopus, the Lazyfox application will have to attract a good sized user base for the application to gain traction.

What do you think about the platform? Let us know what you think about this subject in the comments section below.

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