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New Hot ICO PAGAREX is Selling out Fast


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20 January 2018 – PagareX´s ICO started on the 17th of January and went off to a fantastic start. Within the first 17 hours 7 million tokens which is half of their ICO tokens sold already. These results show the huge expectations crypto enthusiasts have into the PagareX ecosystem.

Currently there are less than 112 231 PGX coins remaining at the price of $1.75 each. Once these are sold out the price per PGX will increase to $2.00. After these PGX Coins are sold the price will rise once again to $2.50 which is giving people who participated in the ICO a huge advantage purchasing them. Once PGX is listed on several exchanges, it is expected that PGX will rise in value exponential.

This means it would be still a great idea to buy more tokens for the current price. To do so just log into your existing PagareX account and purchase additional tokens. If you have not purchased yet just follow the easy steps on the PagareX website and become a PagareX token holder. PagareX give holders of PGX the chance to earn thanks to multiple income streams.

Opportunities meets Blockchain Technology

The PagareX team is highly inspired by the Blockchain decentralized technology, endless development potential and payments’ freedom and they aim to make banks and financial institutes obsolete by giving people the opportunity to participate in a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that allow people to store and invest their wealth in a non-government controlled currency, and even earn a substantial interest on their investment.

PagareX wants to help developing the use of cryptocurrencies even more. By using the power of the blockchain technology it does not require the involvement of any banks or any other financial institutions. As a community member you can make investments in several different ways. These include Mining, Lending, Trading and Staking. All these investments increasing the value of the PagareX coin. Members also have the opportunity to earn additional commission by referring other users into purchasing PGX coins. The PagareX roadmap promises many more technical innovations coming up over the next couple of months. PagareX members can look forward to a steadily rising brand new crypto coin.   

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