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New Digital Asset Exchange Gives Investors 25% in Dividends from Its Profit Margin


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After exceeding $700 bln in overall value earlier this January (up more than 20 percent from $230 bln in November 2017), the global cryptocurrency market just hit an all-time high. The sudden increase happened as a result of the 1,400+ cryptocurrencies that went up due to high demand. The opportunity for investors and traders to grow their income leveraging the perks of the crypto world is more visible than ever.

As opposed to picking stocks and trading them on e-Trade, crypto exchanges are decentralized entities that don’t collaborate with third parties of intermediaries. Amid the hype in trading crypto coins, ICOs, and the increasing popularity of Bitcoin, a new type of decentralized exchange rises above the surface. The aim is to give back to the community, and help traders and investors become owners of a new world-class crypto exchange.

Crypto exchange ownership and refuge against South Korea’s crypto exchange ban

The CoinSpark business mantra is to develop a company that focuses on the customer. The end goal is to build a decentralized crypto exchange where investors and traders get ownership rights. CoinSpark gives back 25 percent of its overall profit margin to the crypto community, and the amount will be paid out to users in quarterly dividends in the form of Ethereum tokens.

Whether a coin is bought or sold on the CoinSpark platform, investors can make a profit by collecting their quarterly dividends. An interesting angle the ICO explores is related to geo-location. Considering the future of crypto exchanges in South Korea is uncertain, CoinSpark is fully licensed in the Cayman Islands. This means the platform could provide a refuge for investors and traders that don’t want to lose their profits following the South Korean ban.

CoinSpark, powered by AlphaPoint

For a streamlined development of the CoinSpark platform and help the company meet its end goal, CoinSpark closed a partnership with AlphaPoint, a leading financial technology company well-known for providing institutions top-tier Blockchain-based solutions to help them reduce operational costs, digitize assets and launch markets at an enterprise level. AlphaPoint has offices in New York, San Francisco, and Philadelphia; a proven track record and loyal customers spread across five continents. To make sure its ICO starts on the right foot, CoinSpark aims to provide top-notch customer service.

Considering the demand for cryptocurrency is booming, some of the biggest exchanges had issues keeping up with the pace. To make sure that doesn’t happen on CoinSpark, the company commits to providing 24/7 customer support; thus ensuring all queries are solved fast and effectively.

Upon the launch of the trading platform, there will be fourteen (14) cryptocurrencies available for trading on CoinSpark: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Ethereum, Dash, Ripple, Neo, Litecoin, IOTA, Monero, Cardano, NEM, Tron and Spark. As the project evolves and advances, the company is looking to introduce other crypto coins on the exchange, and streamline interaction with more than 200+ fiat currencies.

The CoinSpark ICO will begin on Feb. 14 and it will last until March 14. Because the company believes in giving equal right to all investors, there will be no pre-sale scheduled. Spark coins are estimated at 0.0025 ETH and the total amount is 25 mln coins. The Spark Coin token distribution begins on April 14, and coin holders are invited to start trading on the CoinSpark exchange as of June 1.

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