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Mike Hearn crowdfunder app Lighthouse sees revival with Bitcoin Cash


Yet another project is making a return to the cryptocurrency ecosystem, thanks to Bitcoin Cash.

In 2015, a year before he walked away from the Bitcoin community, Mike Hearn launched a BTC-powered crowdfunding application called Lighthouse. The app was designed as a platform for using smart contracts to pledge to projects like development activities and even charity drives. The rollout of Lighthouse’s beta version was met with excitement within the crypto community, with known crypto entrepreneur Olivier Janssens contributing $40,000 to the project.

Then Hearn turned his back on Bitcoin and the community in 2016. The reason: infighting, most of which was centered on whether the Bitcoin network’s block size limit should be adjusted to support more transactions. As a result, the Lighthouse project was abandoned—and then Bitcoin Cash came along.

On its website, Lighthouse.cash describes itself as a Bitcoin Cash-powered decentralized crowdfunding application designed “to create and manage your own crowdfunding campaign without any middle-men.”

An anonymous developer has resurrected the Lighthouse project and, with support from the Cryptonize.it team, made it compatible with the Bitcoin Cash network. In an interview with news.bitcoin.com, Ari from Cryptonize.it said the team had also been working on adding a gallery, which was a missing feature in the project.

With the new and improved Lighthouse.cash, Ari said users can make, export and distribute the projects themselves. Projects can also be uploaded to servers and on centralized galleries, which will help in promoting them. According to Ari, “The plan is to actually compete with Kickstarter and Indiegogo so we have a couple of features we’re planning on adding, and lighthouse.cash will develop to be a gallery. Mike planned for these galleries to pop up and compete so we’re trying to make that happen.”

The platform isn’t fully launched yet, but the website is already up and running for interested parties to check out. Aside from Cryptonize.it, Cashpay has also pledged to help get the Lighthouse.cash project off the ground.

In addition to setting up a Toshi’s Fund for the project, Ari said the team is “getting a few projects together on Lighthouse.cash so everybody can go through all of its current functionality like pledging to a project, making a project, revoking etc.”

Like Mike Hearn’s project, all the things that have been designed for Bitcoin—but left for dead after the original Bitcoin was killed—have started making a comeback now that the real Bitcoin is back. Bitcoin Cash is the true remaining Bitcoin as intended by the Satoshi Nakamoto white paper.

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