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Las Vegas Strippers Accept Bitcoin via QR Tattoos


Las Vegas Strippers Accept Bitcoin via QR Tattoos

There has been a lot of talk recently about the missing representation of women in the male-dominated cryptocurrency ecosystem. While Las Vegas strippers are not the representation some hoped for, they are an example of how bitcoin can help working women control their financial affairs and avoid potential problems with prudish banks.

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Bitcoin Dancers

Las Vegas Strippers Accept Bitcoin via QR TattoosA Las Vegas news show has featured a segment on an adult entertainment venue in the city which enables its dancers to get payments from clients directly via bitcoin transfers. The use of the cryptocurrency was primarily showcased as a privacy enhancing measure (preventing your wife from seeing the payments on the credit card bills) as well as an attraction for affluent bitcoin investors.

The Las Vegas strip club is called the Legends Room and we reported about its opening back in May 2017. The local news team interviewed the founder, Nick Blomgren, as well as a number of the adult dancers at the place. They even explained how visitors can use the in-house bitcoin ATM to buy cryptocurrency at the club. Furthermore, the dancers can choose to wear temporary QR tattoos as wallet addresses that can be scanned on a smartphone.

The Future of Adult Entertainment

Las Vegas Strippers Love Accepting Bitcoin via QR TattoosBesides the privacy concerns of the patrons, the use of cryptocurrency allows the dancers to avoid explaining to banks where they get large amounts of cash. “I’m not going to name names, but there are certain banks that… will shut down your account and actually deny you from having an account because we work in the adult entertainment industry”, said Summer Chase.

Asked how often customers want to pay with bitcoin, Brenna Sparks answered: “Oh, quite often. Like the people that come here, they are like really into crypto. I feel like it’s very smart. They are really into that.” She says she likes checking her balance a lot, “It’s fun though. Once you invest, it becomes an everyday thing.” The 26 years old dancer became interested in cryptocurrency when she was just 19. Now she and her friends think cryptocurrency may be the future for adult entertainment workers. “It’s peer to peer. It’s anonymous, and it’s instant,” Sparks said.

“When I first heard about the concept, I thought wow this is really something different, you know,” said DJ Saint Clare who gets part of her salary in cryptocurrency.

How do you feel about Las Vegas dancers having tattoos on their bodies to accept payment for services rendered? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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