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Katy Perry Posts Her New ‘Crypto Claws’ On Instagram


Singer and number one Twitter celebrity Katy Perry has joined the crypto craze by posting an image of her crypto-themed manicure on Instagram Thursday, Jan. 25.

Perry’s nails are now decorated with 3D images of five cryptocurrencies superimposed over a background of US dollar bills: the currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Stellar and Monero. The singer did not disclose the reasons behind her selection.

The post – captioned “$—CrYpTo ClAwS—$” – has managed to amass over 150,000 likes.

Perry has also tagged the Instagram accounts of all five cryptocurrencies – ethereum_updates, litecoinofficial, bit, stellarlumens and moneroofficial.

More and more celebrities have been exposing their involvement in crypto lately.

Earlier this week, rapper 50 Cent was reported to have made about 700 bitcoins when he started accepting Bitcoin for his album released in 2014. He only remembered about his Bitcoin stash, which now amounts to about $7 mln, this week.

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Katy Perry Posts Her New ‘Crypto Claws’ On Instagram

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