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Job-search in digital era. Story 1/3


Starting point


I am a 34-year old entrepreneur who was born at the edge of the era. Went through my country transformation as well as wrote in the first exercise book in 1989. Graduated from high-school in 2000. I saw the Soviet union, Perestroika and studied both in post-soviet Russia and in modern Europe. I saw my mom circling job-adds in the newspaper and searched it by myself based on TV adds. The times have changed. Those methods are not efficient anymore and we have to embrace it.

I don’t want to give you an express list of the tips, how quickly and easily to do this “embrace”. This is not as easy topic as all of us wish it was. Nowadays, Internet, social media in particular, have trained us for speed-reading. We’re proceeding to consume the information and store it in the short-term memory. Instead, I’d like to give you the stories, to write the series of them. Maybe, it is still possible to make the pace of your life a bit slower and less stressful, to make the knowledge I share to last longer in you heads.

Digital job-search

What if we take a thoughtful journey and learn how to tame online job-search tools? First of all, let’s define, what do we mean by digital job-search. Here and further on “the act of looking for employment…”* through the Internet with the help of different electronic devices is named a “digital job-search”.


Let’s meet John. He is a 40 year old engineer. Who has not been searching for the job for, let’s say, 15 years. He has gained the recent job through his best friend Tom about 7 years ago. So, our John feels the need for a change. His son is growing. He constantly spends overtime at work. His dream car remains as a dream for the last 10 years. His flat requires a nice update, preferably, into a private house and the wife starts to count the years “wasted” for this fastly aging guy. John’s goal now — find a better job. What is he to do?

The first immediate answer will be — inform the friends. The last time it worked out pretty well. And this is a 100% correct answer. The first step you do before sailing the ocean of the enormous amount of openings is to put the word out about your situation. And what is the best way to do it nowadays? Right, social media.

Social networks

It is not a secret that facebook is the social media leader around the world. But let’s be honest, not in every country. Linkedin — a professional network leader. Though, unfortunately, not in every country, moreover, not for every profession. It still does not cover professionals from all the fields of occupation. If you’re a nurse, there might be no sense in using Linkedin. So, explore the relevance of social media for your country and your field of occupation. Then put the word out.

The next question which comes to John’s mind. What am I to write about? This question worths a million. One of the most difficult questions to answer as it requires personal approach. However, I still will try to cover it. From this moment and further on John has to market himself. Now he is a salesperson of a product named “John”. What to focus on? Whom to target? How to show all the merits?

This is an important topic and requires to to be highlighted separately. This will be a topic for my second story. Looking forward for the next week.

To be continued…

*Wikipedia 17.01.2018

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Job-search in digital era. Story 1/3

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