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#JMT The Recipe Myth


#JMT The Recipe Myth

Some of the most important innovations of the 20th Century were brought about in product & industry by a short list of wealthy families… Names like Rockefeller, Ford, Walton, Carniege, & Kennedy come to mind. Families whose personal life & times were as distant to us (we the people) as the inner workings of a dinner party at Buckingham Palace.

By & by,

Larger than life figures…

Who spearheaded the world’s economic growth — with what appeared to be a Hollywood master magicians grace and ease. They were dignified, celebrated, & unabashedly separate from the general public. Completing real accomplishments without being “real-time” royalty, and subsequently slapping us (we the people) in the face with imagery of a life style reserved for Powerball Pipe Dreams.

Fast forward to modern times and we find ourselves inundated with insta-tweets, grams, & paparazzi commentary. We follow the top 1% influencers to the resorts, 5-Star establishments, & most discouragingly — on the obligatory shopping spree. The veil covering star studded opulence has been removed, the myths have been busted, & Reality TV has intoxicated us (we the people). Leaving real people outside of the upper crust exposed (daily) to imagery which inspires lust for the (supposedly) greener grass beyond the mote: images that inspire 1 in a million pursuits. A landscape where becoming The Voice seems attainable and ambitious fame centered dreams become daily addictive pursuits.

Fame Addiction, has been normalized by the introduction of words like “Bling” to your Merriam Webster Dictionary. We have lost our appreciation for “Magic” in the Information Age. Stream lining the process has created an illusion of streamlining the results. Today, everything appears to be within our grasp, viewed through our high-definition glasses — the future looks rosy by default: The new illusions hide in plain sight.

We have become our own “personal-self-trained-magicians” creating Idealistic TV on Youtube & Snap/Gram Stories — while the 1% widens the gap. By being a tentative and deliberate audience to our craft… borrowing or buying up our best tricks before they reach the grand stage.


Call to Action

As you prepare to file your annual taxes — take a moment to audit your Information Diet:

  • What information are you consuming?
  • Is it balanced?
  • Does it benefit you?
  • Are you growing from it?

I am a fan of social media and consider (most) reality tv to be a guilty pleasure, but I’m also aware of the fact that both can be detrimental too.

In the same manner that you wouldn’t skip “real food” for “dessert’ — I challenge you to bring the same discipline to your Info Diet in #2018. [ “real food” = Fact Based Information that helps you Grow & Gain Wealth] [“dessert” = Gossip & Entertainment]

If you need a trainer to help you develop discipline in the new year. Seek help from a pro!

You Vs. You

💡 / 💪🏼

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#JMT The Recipe Myth

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