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Ignition Casino Brings Bitcoin Poker To Australia

Online gambling and online poker in particular is coming under attack in Australia by Malcolm Turnbulls’ government. Recent legislation banning online poker in the country has taken the game from the hands of worldwide online poker operators, and into the hands of poker sites that tend to focus on countries where the games are banned. Ignition Casino & Poker, previously only available to poker player in the United States, is moving into Australia and accepting bitcoin to serve those players.

Formerly known as Bovada, Ignition Casino is bringing the model that it has used in the United States to Australia, with a pillar of that model being their use of bitcoin for account funding. What makes bitcoin an ideal method of funding in Australia is exactly what has made it work in the USA, which is the elimination of any legal issues associated with using it when compared to using the currency of each of those countries.


Both Australia and the United States now have legislation on their books stating that online poker is illegal, which has led to banks and credit card companies banning their customers from using their credit and debit cards on sites that offer it. Before bitcoin, it was impossible for people to fund their accounts, unless they performed a money order or some other type of transaction that carried expensive fees just to get money into an online poker account.

With bitcoin, the process is much easier and much less expensive. Players simply have to purchase bitcoin at a site that allows them to convert their native currency into cryptocurrency. From there, they can send their bitcoin into an anonymous wallet, and deposit it into the online poker site of their choice. This can be done easily, and without being subjected to the laundry list of regulations that come with traditional currency and traditional banking methods.

Online poker players in Australia are fortunate relative to their American counterparts, in that bitcoin is easier to buy in Australia, with there being a number of in-person options available to secure the cryptocurrency. Those types of purchasing options are still in their relative infancy in the United States, for comparison’s sake.

Australians can play Ignition poker on mobile devices, as well as on desktops. Mobile players simply have to access Ignition via its mobile app, allowing them to play whenever and wherever they please, and hit back against regulations from the Australian government.

Source: www.bitcoingambling.io
Ignition Casino Brings Bitcoin Poker To Australia

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