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Finally! Classifieds for the Crypto Economy – Buy&Sell Will Revolutionize How You Buy, Sell, and Advertise

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When was the last time you used a classifieds site? Were you buying something, selling something, looking for a service, or were you there for some other reason? Did you enjoy your experience? Have you ever gotten scammed?

Chances are, sometime in the last year you have used a classifieds site – a site like Craigslist, Avito, Oodle, or Cloud5. You have gone online, found an ad (or made an ad yourself), made a deal, and completed a transaction.

And most of these transactions have gone great! You bought a used computer at a great price, you found homes for your cat’s kittens, or you found someone to mow your lawn. But still, sometimes, you find yourself having to deal with a few issues.

The problems with traditional classifieds websites

The first big thing that is difficult on traditional classifieds platforms lies in the search function. Despite recent developments in data processing technologies, classified sites today still have completely unsophisticated systems for customers to find what they need, and for advertisers to target their audiences.

When you search for something on a classifieds site, you often have to spend a lot of time trying to find what you’re actually looking for – the search function is often best described as… awkward. If you’re an advertiser, you have to wait much longer than you should for your customers to find your ads – it’s just impossible to target your ads using technologies like you see elsewhere on the internet (Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter).

The second issue is fraud – a lack of confidence between users, and a preponderance of scam. While most of your dealings on traditional sites might go well, or even fantastically, some just don’t go great at all. The thing or service you buy might not be as advertised – or you might not even get it in the mail! This might not happen every time, but it happens sometimes. Sometimes is too often.

Additionally, using traditional classifieds you are limited geographically to whom you make deals with. This is because you are restricted to making in-person – cash – transactions. In 2018, in the midst of the crypto revolution, this just seems silly! – The classifieds platform of the future

Buy&Sell is a company that has as its mission to create a new economic and financial system for the people – to enable e-commerce without a middleman, and payments without bankers.

Buy&Sell takes all the latest in advanced technologies – Big Data processing, artificial intelligence, and the blockchain – to bring classifieds advertising into the modern age.

An international, fraud-free, P2P platform

Well into the the 21st century, classifieds advertising have survived as a last remnant of humanity’s earliest economic model – bartering. Deals that result from the classifieds are by definition peer-to-peer (P2P). You meet someone – usually face to face – shake hands, and make a deal!

Buy&Sell uses blockchain technology to make it a real option for you to make deals even with people who are geographically very far away. You exchange tokens, which are independent of any national banks, and get your deal done. Additionally, you do not have to worry about being scammed, because every transaction is recorded on the distributed ledger – meaning it is visible to everyone on the network.

In the cash system, you find yourself getting scammed somewhere without any chance of finding someone to help you to mediate the dispute. On B&S you don’t need the mediator – the blockchain does all the work by making things transparent!

Classifieds – a better kind of e-commerce

Buy&Sell gives advertisers the opportunity to post highly targeted ads at no cost. The B&S search engine is built using the most advanced in data processing and AI algorithms. This means that the customers who actually need or want your good or service will find your ad right away.

The success rate of your ads will certainly be higher than on other e-commerce sites – and your transactions will be 100% more secure. Say goodbye to having to make up for losses when customers fail to pay, and expect your business’ yearly advertising budget to go way down!

How Buy&Sell makes business sense

Whenever a transaction is carried out on the platform, a 1.5 percent fee is taken from the total cost. A small amount of this commission will be used to pay for platform development and maintenance, but the vast majority of the fee will go directly to token holders at the end of each financial period.

Participate in the token sale!

Buy&Sell will be monetized through the emission of BAS tokens. BAS tokens are useful. They help token holders get special offers and access to advanced platform analytics. Users can spend the tokens to get priority placement for their ads on the platform and to create their own online stores. Of course, above all – BAS tokens can be used to buy and sell services.

The number of BAS tokens is limited – expect their price to go up fast!

The starting price is 0.10 USD and will be available during a pre-ICO and ICO. Early participants in the token sale can receive bonuses of up to 25%!

The exact dates are still yet to be announced – keep updated by visiting

Finally! Classifieds for the Crypto Economy – Buy&Sell Will Revolutionize How You Buy, Sell, and Advertise

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