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Fairmeet Has Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Central Finova

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Fairmeet has reached strategic cooperation agreement with Central Finova to initiate a new mode of nijigen blockchain e-commerce community integrated with financial services.

In the Internet era, a hot spot emerges from time to time. Once it appears, all relevant enterprises are in a race against time. They compete for hot spots, headlines, market shares, and consumers.

Blockchain is the hot spot of Internet at the time being. With strong technical support, it is rapidly entering into all sectors, reshaping the enterprises’ quantitative criteria of value and revenue. Recently, the decentralized nijigen e-commerce community Fairmeet has once again reached strategic cooperation agreement with one of China’s financial magnates, initiating a new mode of nijigen blockchain e-commerce community integrated with financial services.

Different from other financial enterprises being in the context of national capital, Central Finova has long been engaging in financial innovation services, and has been involved in all financial sectors in the form of controlling shares or equity participation. At present, the wholly-owned subsidiaries of Central Finova include Central Finova Beijing, and its participating subsidiaries include Finova Beijing. The company is now preparing to launch Internet financial exchanges, Taiwan financial center, and inter-bank note exchange platform.

Mr Kenneth Zheng, president of Central Finova and vice president of Beijing E-commerce Association, has always had unique opinions on financial innovation services. He has said,

“Blockchain technology has changed the landscape of financial services, and our understanding of these new technologies has reshaped our way of thinking about currency and wealth. At present, since blockchain is the hot spot in fintech, banks and start-ups are taking initiative to explore innovative uses of these blockchain technologies. But what is really interesting is that these developments have blazed new trails for people to invest and expand their wealth. The emergence of this technology has enabled people to invest in cryptocurrency and start-ups, and use tokens to represent assets in the real world. The challenge lying ahead is to encourage the adoption of these investment vehicles. We acknowledge the goal of Fairmeet of creating a decentralized nijigen e-commerce community and we are looking forward to working with Fairmeet in the near future. I hope to take this opportunity and to provide more SME businesses with innovative financial services. “

Fairmeet is a decentralized nijigen e-commerce community built on global public blockchains, namely on Qtum. The vision of Fairmeet is to build a decentralized e-commerce community based on blockchain technology through nijigen services and decentralized incentives. In this community, consumers can be retained and make contribution to merchants, even participate in merchants’ operation and help them build strongholds for consumers, which in turn can help merchants retain stable and controllable traffic of their own.

During the discussions, the nijigen services of Fairmeet has left a profound impression on the delegates of Central Finova. Fairmeet is committed to engaging young consumers with dynamic nijigen manifestations, and to retaining consumers with fun game interactions. Consequently, the steadily rising traffic brings business value to the community, merchants and consumers. This interactive form, exceedingly popular with young consumers, can help merchants in the community to better accumulate traffic and build their own unique strongholds of fans, so as to enable merchants to achieve better and long-term development.

Meanwhile, Fairmeet will also take this opportunity to participate in future summits to exchange views on blockchain technology of the domestic financial sector with Central Finova. This is not the first time for domestic financial institutions to encounter blockchain technology. Previously, China Merchants Bank’s “The Blockchain Project of Cross-border Direct Settlement” won the award of “2017 China’s Best Fintech Pioneer”. Through this cooperation with Fairmeet, Central Finova also hopes to further tap the potential of blockchain technology, so as to better serve the financial markets and various social sectors.

The cooperation between Central Finova and Fairmeet undoubtedly indicates that Fairmeet will not only provide efficient nijigen services, but will also provide real-time financial services for various types of merchants. Therefore, we have every reason to believe that Fairmeet will attract more SMEs to move into the community with the excellent financial services support of Central Finova, and will create a fine and lively decentralized nijigen e-commerce community.

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Fairmeet Has Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Central Finova

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