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Fairmeet Enters New Stage of Business Discussion with Subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions

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Fairmeet enters new stage of business discussion with subsidiary of convention and exhibition magnate Reed Exhibitions, aiming at profound cooperation

The business discussion between nijigen e-commerce community Fairmeet and Reed Huabo Exhibitions, the China-based subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions of the UK has entered a new stage. Two companies will usher in profound cooperation, and both hope to invigorate the convention and exhibition industry through blockchain technology integrated with nijigen style.

Reed Exhibitions is the largest organizer of exhibitions and conventions in the world. Currently, Reed Exhibitions has 34 representative offices around the world and hosts 500 exhibitions and conventions in 42 countries each year. Reed Huabo Exhibitions is a joint-venture subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions in China, and is one of the most important partners of Reed Exhibitions in China. Jack Jiang, the founder of the company, has 30 years of experience in convention and exhibition industry.

It is noted that as the China-based subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions, Reed Huabo Exhibitions hopes that through the cooperation with Fairmeet, the nijigen e-commerce community, Reed Huabo Exhibitions can expand their business and establish a more readily accessible online nijigen community for young people. In the future, the prospect of the company is to operate online convention and exhibition services through nijigen forms that are more accessible to young people. In fact, Reed Huabo Exhibitions has long been willing to better integrate the Internet with the convention and exhibition services, and to reach more young people, bringing new vitality to the industry.

In an in-house meeting, Jack Jiang said, “Fairmeet is one of the few blockchain projects in China today. We all need the creative integration of advanced blockchain technology and online nijigen community. The future for the convention and exhibition industry is to  combine online and offline services. Conventions and exhibitions will be released from the traditional context of time and space. Forms of conventions and exhibitions that are more innovative and closer to young people will then be provided. Only in this way, the industry can break away from severe homogeneity and vicious competition. Exhibitions in the new era better represent the value of its platform. Those shows are places to understand the needs and preferences of its participants, and to build relationships and empathy. Exhibitions will no longer pursue the sales, but pay more attention to on-spot experiences and the sense of participation. While creating consumer needs of attendees, exhibitions enable word-of-mouth marketing, so as to build and maintain loyal relations between merchants and consumers. Fairmeet’s animated interface image and its interactive game experiences will help us to hold exhibitions that offer better on-spot experiences and sense of participation. “

Fairmeet is an emerging nijigen blockchain e-commerce community in China that has not been established for a long time. However, with its great strength, Fairmeet has attracted the attention and has reached cooperation agreement with a number of large-scale enterprises such as Disney and Central Finova. The idea of building a decentralized nijigen e-commerce community has been unanimously approved. The delegates of Fairmeet showed great interest in the upcoming cooperation and its co-founder Steven Xu has said in the meeting, “Fairmeet is very excited to be able to work with the world’s largest convention and exhibition agency in China. Previously, the nijigen industry, represented by animation and games, only operated shallow cooperation with businesses of the convention and exhibition industry. Njigen exhibitions that are similar to “China Joy” were held, but that did not meet the real needs of young people, and also failed  to retain them. This time, Fairmeet plans to help Reed Huabo Exhibitions set up a set of nijigen marketing measures, hoping to take this opportunity to prove the feasibility of the mode of Fairmeet once again, and hope to help Reed Huabo Exhibitions to stand out among other convention and exhibition businesses. In the future, we will also bring technical teams to participate in exhibitions held by Reed Exhibitions in China, hoping to find more cooperation opportunities. “

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Fairmeet Enters New Stage of Business Discussion with Subsidiary of Reed Exhibitions

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