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Ethereum Vitalik Buterin Founder: Traditional assets are the safest bet for saving lives


The veteran of Blockchain, Vitalik Buterin co-founder of the Ethereum network behind cryptocurrency no. 2 by ETH, is a realist.

When last year could have placed cryptocurrencies on the map, Vitalik Buterin brings the risk/reward profile. He does not want investors to have false illusions regarding the turn-of-the-sky without identifying any risk. Meantime, the ETH value has raised approximately 40% since February 5.

Vitalik Buterin has turned to Twitter, which is usually the platform of his decision of soapbox, to appreciate the merits of traditional investments at the cost of cryptocurrencies, but only if the life savings of investors are at stake.

He does not provide peculiar investment advice, although shares and bonds are as traditional as those obtained by the securities.

His remarks reflect the sentiment of regulators around the world who do not want to see that investors risk everything in a class of emerging assets. Meantime, even administrators of traditional assets deserve diversification.

Vitalik Buterin has an aptitude to engage with his followers on Twitter, utilizing the thread also to announce an ETH promotion. The next up to a certain number that sent a fraction of ETH to a specific address of the wallet he provided, was compensated with between 5 and 7 ETH, which enthused the enthusiasm that would otherwise have been deflated by his persistent remarks on cryptocurrencies.

Buterin’s recommendation not to invest “more money than you can afford to lose” is not the first time addressing cryptocurrency rates. Beforehand, he denominated some frustration with the emphasis on price. Back in December, he tweeted:

His comments are similar to those of other pioneers who have similarly warned investors about the unknown dangers of the experiment that is cryptocurrencies.

Project of 100 Million Dollars

While Vitalik Buterin mentioned a series of answers for his latest tweets, not all of which were supportive, his role and influence are essential to market evolution. He seems to be more focused on the project than on concentrated cryptocurrency price.

For example, the Ethereum Foundation’s Infrastructure Grant Program planned to channel 100 million dollars through Fiat and digital coins. Through the Ethereum Community Fund to bright projects on the Ethereum network for infrastructure and decentralized applications.

Others associates in the lead include OmiseGO, Cosmos, Maker, Global Brain, Raiden, and Golem. The founder of OmiseGO, Jun Hasegawa, told about the collaboration:

An isolated project can create a product to disrupt an industry, but working together we can create a framework that will change the world.

The Ethereum Foundation declared a change in its board. Chief Executive Ming Chan retires and hi replaced by Kraken alum Aya Miyaguchi.

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