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Dream on, dream bigger


All of us can aspire to dream bigger whether professionally or personally — student or teacher. Will you simply keep dreaming or take action to make your dreams reality?

There are ways to actively expand your circle and reach out to your dreams. As a start, engage with those who engage with you. On social media, one of the best ways to widen your circle is through Twitter chats. Don’t sweat race, color, creed, gender, national origin or number of followers. Conversation is where it’s at. The more conversation, the greater your circle will expand.

Twitter makes the world smaller in new ways, which has pros and cons. A small world breaks down barriers if you are welcoming and open-minded. On the other hand, if you get into heated disagreements, it can be like fighting in a phone booth. (Yes, I still remember them.)

Sometimes a differing opinion or stance is hard to hear. That’s when you have to remember no two people are alike. Each of us has a slightly different point of view. Listen to what others say with understanding if not agreement.

Twitter gives everyone a voice in a way Dr. Martin Luther King never dreamed through the medium’s powerful pulpit. Dreaming becomes real when you have multiple conversations with people around the world. One tweeter has as much of a voice as another. That’s a powerful concept, and as Uncle Ben Parker cautioned his nephew, Peter, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

Online or off, everyone has something to say. To make sure every voice is heard, be respectful, and don’t try to impose your views. Not being a bully is as important on social media as it is in real life.

In regular online conversation where others can’t see you, be extra careful how you “speak.” The social media snark button also is still a dream. In many cases you only really catch on to where others are coming from if you’ve talked to them in person or on video. Studies have shown that body language is more than 90 percent of communication.

If you’re a teacher, use Twitter or other means to give your students a voice, or show them that their voice matters. Set the example. If students see you interact on social media and how you benefit from it, they will find their voice and follow your lead — perhaps follow your dream.

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Jim Katzaman is a manager at Largo Financial Services and worked in public affairs for the Air Force and federal government. You can connect with him on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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Dream on, dream bigger

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