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Decentralized Knowledge Sharing Platform, Lunyr, Announces Platform Development and Alpha Launch

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Knowledge is power.  With knowledge, man has taken to the skies without wings and plumb the depth of the sea without gills. The advent of the internet has greatly bolstered the dissemination of knowledge Yet, this economy remains the hardest to quantify.

The Power of Knowledge

The internet is awash with information. Currently, the internet is home to 3.8 billion users generating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily. Most of this data contains valuable knowledge worth billions of dollars that rarely rewards the content creators. Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopedia with 5,546,604 articles and 32,619,968 registered users, publishes an average of 600 daily.

Ranked the sixth most visited site in the world, Wikipedia attracts 470 million unique visitors, over 19 billion monthly views, and 10 edits per minutes. However, the platform has no way of compensating its users generating contents potentially worth $1.6 billion dollars in advertising revenue annually. Moreover, the highly centralized nature of the portal and other similar information sharing platforms presents a single point of failure, forcing users to trust central authorities and their accompanying bias and interests.

What if there was a platform where users can freely share and access information without submitting themselves to authoritarian bias self-interests? What if nobody can own this network, thereby eliminating censorship concerns? What if the platform can create real values for information and reward users for their knowledge? Lunyr is developing such an ecosystem.

The Future of Knowledge Sharing

Entirely built on Ethereum blockchain technology, Lunyr is redefining how information is shared and curated on the web through decentralization and disintermediation. The autonomous and censorship-resistant has no single point of failure exists, centralized authorities or middlemen ensuring that information on the platform can neither be owned nor corrupted. Lunyr revolutionary ecosystem is set to combine Virtual and Augmented Realities with intuitive APIs to develop a knowledge base that rewards users for contributing and peer reviewing information.

Open Alpha Launch

Lunyr is now proud to announce the open beta launch of its platform on January 30, 2018. Lunyr’s teeming community will be able to create and curate contents and earn rewards for doing so. The platform has also announced a slew of exciting new features including:

  • Improved user experience for writers with writing guidelines and checklist
  • New categories and featured sections for relevant sorted articles added to the homepage
  • Metamask, Trezor, and Ledger Wallet support.
  • Improved Profile layout and editing
  • Improved editor markup features
  • Improved advertising system with multi-day bidding system.

The launch is the first step towards the creation of a global knowledge base for community-based information sharing.

Users interested joining the decentralized future of content creation and distribution can signup here.

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