DavorCoin | 코인긱스


Davor is the same like Bitconnect a platform who has her on coin and you are mining/ lending that coin.
The average income daily is 1.3% (you have also more daily profit depend on you)
The contract is between 299 and 89 days (depends how much you will invest)
You have also a auto reinvest every time when you reach 10$ they will be automatic reinvested.
The offer also a Staking program for holding your DAV coin you get 10% /Month
The price is now 1 DAV = $99.27 and it will go up because a lot of people they are going on this Coin :>
Ref Program
LVL 1 = 8%
      2 = 4%
      3 = 2%
      4 = 1%
      5 = 1%
Deposit is only in BTC Min 100$
Withdraw is in BTC or DAV

Source: www.altcoinstalks.com

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