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Dale Dickins: Filipinos is the ideal audience to get Bitcoin Cash moving


The Philippines’ jeepney has come a long way. From being the World War II jeep surplus providing postwar transportation, the jeepney—from the military vehicle “Jeep”—emerged as a popular form of affordable public transportation and a symbol of the Filipino’s ingenuity and creativeness. Now, the undisputed king of the road has become the vehicle to promote Bitcoin Cash, the only true Bitcoin and the world’s only functional cryptocurrency, to the masses.

The Bitcoin Cash Jeepney, also known as BCH Jeepney, started out as a humorous take on the initial coin offering (ICO). The project, led by masterminds going by their aliases “MrG,” “WildCard” and “MrSkatman,” was initially funded by 20 Bitcoin Cash supporters, each contributing 0.5 BCH. Contributors to the #InitialJeepneyOffering are considered the BCH Jeepney’s “chairholders,” since they are literally “funding a chair” in the vehicle.

The test pilot vehicle is called “Gen,” a bright green jeepney with the words “Bitcoin Cash” emblazoned all over it and a distinct “B” in place of the usual front grille. The project aims to install RFID payment systems into jeepneys along with free Wi-Fi to support the transactions within the vehicle.

“They’re the brightest, funkiest things ever,” Dale Dickins, TheBitcoinDoco creator and co-creator of BCH Jeepney, told CoinGeek. “They’re so creative. It’s like a green zebra prowling the urban jungle of Manila. And we’re going to be using Bitcoin Cash. We’re going to be educating people about Bitcoin Cash. We’re working with the unbanked.”

The term “unbanked” refers to those who do not have bank accounts due to insufficient cash for keeping. Incidentally, 86% of Filipino households fall under this description, according to 2017 data from the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).

“[Filipinos] is the ideal audience to get Bitcoin Cash moving, and the education is basically how to use it,” Dickins said. “It’s not how it works, it’s just how to transfer and move oneself using it. There’s a need, the streets of Manila are very fast, you know the economy moves so quickly, yet this microtransaction to microtransaction, it’s a perfect match for the jeepney, so that mentality is already there, people here are busy, they’re active, they’re engaged, and there’s a need, you know, so we have a perfect use case.”

If you’re interested in helping the growth of merchant adoption of Bitcoin BCH, join the bComm Association, an industry group that intends to be the focal point for miners, merchants, exchanges, developers and members of the BCH community. Developers and merchants of the Bitcoin BCH community will also be on hand for the first CoinGeek Week Conference happening in London in November.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (segwit) Chain are Referred to as BTC coins. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is today the only Bitcoin implementation that follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper for Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Bitcoin BCH is the only major public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin as fast, frictionless, electronic cash.

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