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CRYCASH Forms Attractive Alliance with Social Gaming Innovators Plink


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Gaming revolutionaries Crytek; notably famous for creating the graphics titan Crysis back in the day and other great titles, are continuing their “next-gen” approach to gaming. This time in the form of a sophisticated gaming ecosystem that integrates all their current titles via a host of social, marketing and competitive applications.

The New Gaming Habitat

CRYCASH boasts an impressive network of services designed to work with all major titles of the Crytek universe. The ability to advertise new games for developers via the CRYCASH platform, set up competitions with friends and earn CRYCASH tokens while doing so.

Another great feature that could stand to run as a whole app on it’s own through it’s feasibility and potential, is the Plink app. The first component of the CRYCASH ecosystem.

Plink is an incredible communication app for gamers allowing them to collaborate and socialise with each other through the use of a neural network.

Pretty in Plink

Plink allows players to see what their friends are playing, recruit others for cooperative missions and complete developer set tasks in return for rewards and CRYCASH tokens.

What’s even better is that Plink has already been developed so it’s more than just a pipe dream. A confident partnership between Crytek whom boast a legendary track record and millions of players creates a great foundation for CRYCASH and Plink to launch.

Plink will also serve as a wallet for CRYCASH tokens, which can be traded like any other cryptocurrency. Plink is the first component of the CRYCASH Ecosystem, to be followed by Advertising platform, CyberSport Platform and CRYENGINE Marketplace.

Getting ahead of the game, and having access to Plink is only open to CRYCASH token sale contributors, who can receive early access to it’s alpha. The CRYCASH ecosystem utilizes its own CRYCASH token with already confirmed partnership with game developer and publisher Crytek, whose games are enjoyed by millions of players around the world.

Fortunes in Features

Each component of the CRYCASH ecosystem will boast innovative features that aim to empower the network of users throughout, with Plink providing the next level of gaming social and reward networks, the advertising platform and marketplace is everything a developer needs to enjoy the high quality service Crytek provides through CRYCASH and the new Plink Partnership.

CRYCASH’s Token Sale began on December, 14, 2017, and will run until January, 31, 2018. There’s a bonus for all until January, 16, The initial price is set 0.001 ETH per 1 CRC. There’s a 20% ‘big fish’ bonus throughout the whole token sale for those willing to contribute 200+ ETH. Currencies accepted are BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, DASH. All contributors can get a chance to be the first to test Plink alpha – the revolutionary application for gamers.

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