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Could the Fishbank Game be a Safe Shelter for Crypto Assets during Storm?


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As the number of ICOs collected millions of dollars previous year had gone to develop their products it became quite obvious that the only practical implementation of blockchain technology nowadays is… collecting digital kittens.

Priced at 0.01 ETH on the very start some CryptoKittie’s tokens were sold later for up to 200 ETH — couple of dozen thousands Xs for game asset without any particular purpose or even a kind of gameplay. If breeding and adoring digital cuties have resulted in congestion of the whole Ethereum network it is hard even to predict what impact may a full-featured blockchain game produce.

There will be a chance to figure it out with 175 000 users already registered for the Fishbank Alpha — the massively multiplayer battle game on Ethereum smart contracts. The core idea of the game is to grow the biggest fish on “decentralized deep blue ocean” to dominate the “food chain”. Players use their “fish” tokens to attack each other. Winner gets the part of opponent’s weight that represents the core value of the token. The more weight the “fish” has, the more powerful it is and so the bigger price it may ask on the market.

Every Fishbank game asset is an ERC-721 token that can be traded between players using Ether. Every game action requires running smart contracts thought MetaMask browser extension. Actions may consume some gas to complete transaction in blockchain network, so every attack will cost a penny creating some additional value for achieved weight.

Before the game starts there is a chance to obtain a certain “fish” token (Common, Rare, Epic or Legendary). Prices starting from 0.015 ETH for Common, 0.35 ETH for Epic and 1.5 ETH for Legendary (that includes 25% discount valid until 20th January).

After stable game release there will be only two ways to get a Fish Token: buy it from other players on the Market or try to catch one in Aquarium for a small fee in Ether. Idea is that catching a fish in Aquarium is almost like real fishing — you never know what you’ll get. Chance is based on random numbers created from seeds received both from “player” and “game” side with math as follows:

  • Legendary  – 1:1000
  • Epic – 1:50
  • Rare – 1:5

Every run of Aquarium smart contract will require a 0.03 Eth fee in Alpha. Developers said that values may be adjusted for Stable release. They have already revealed some smart contracts running in ropsten testnet on Telegram Group earlier.

The team behind Fishbank is “Chatrobotic” studio founded in 2014 that is famous for its chat bot games running on the messengers platforms (Telegram, Kik and Facebook Messenger) with more than 500 000 players on board and 2.5 million messages served daily. “Chatrobotic” states its mission as creating a solid motivation to educate a wide range of users on how to use cryptocurrency and digital wallets in fun and convenient way.

It’s quite obvious that a lot of crypto cuties clones will evolve on the market this year and it is a good challenge for Ethereum network to stay under the crypto animals invasion!

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