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The much anticipated conference kicked off Friday in Hong Kong, attracting hundreds of attendees from the Bitcoin community and other industries all around the globe.

The inaugural event was held at the Four Seasons ballroom, which was packed with white lounge sets, not the usual tables and chairs conference setup. With dimmed lights, you would think you were there for an intimate party with all of the industry’s best minds, the most influential and the most iconic. Before the attendees was the stage and a wide screen greeting you “Good Morning”, just a reminder how the day was going to be like understanding and learning the business of Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin commerce (bCommerce).

Antiguan entrepreneur and CoinGeek owner Calvin Ayre, who is also known to be the man of the top-notch, the most fun, and the most unforgettable gaming industry events for two decades, was thrilled with the positivity the whole production has gained among the attendees. However, he knows exactly that it is not just about giving the people a unique experience but a more inclusive and noble one.

“The real point of the event is to start spreading the message that Bitcoin Cash can be used by merchant and create economic freedom to the unbanked to the world,” said Ayre.

The one-of-a-kind conference, which aims to connect the dots between Bitcoin Cash and commerce, gathered merchants, service providers, developers, miners, investors, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts of Bitcoin Cash to give the opportunity for early adopters to rise over competition.

Also rounding up are the innovators, movers and shakers that have been contributing to the mission of bringing Bitcoin Cash and its advantages to businesses and the users’ end—Amaury Sechet of Bitcoin ABC, Angela Holowaychuk of nCrypt, Steven Bower of, Alex Agut of Handcash, Vin Armani of Cointext, Lorien Gamaroff of Centbee, Joannes Vermorel of Lokad, Ryan X Charles of, Katsuya Konno of Quioine, Jerry Chan of SBI Bits, and Jonas Odman of Global Poker.

The conference mainly focused on what Bitcoin Cash is, how it enables merchants—small or large businesses—financial empowerment and what it can now do after the May 15 protocol upgrade.

nChain Group CEO Jimmy Nguyen, also the conference host, presented the world of  bCommerce where he described how Bitcoin Cash gives merchants fast, reliable and cheaper transactions. He also shared what the bCommerce world needs for its ecosystem to grow. These are easier-to-use cash wallets, merchant payment solutions, micropayment tools, international money remittance solutions, payment cards that allow user to spend Bitcoin Cash thru cards, and more exchanges. These give entrepreneurial opportunities not only to those within the Bitcoin community but the rest.

The protocol upgrade last May15 paves the way for the creation of ICOs within the Bitcoin Cash. Bitmain CEO Jihan Wu, who has openly talked about the disadvantages of ICOs before, shared his optimism on these coins within this blockchain with

Wu explained, “the majority of the financial assets exist in the blockchain with a lot of ICO will be coming in five to ten years,” Wu adds, “BCH should develop its scripting languages to support such kinds of assets. If we can do it correctly and fast, BCH will win the future of economy.”

And to take part on this revolutionary economy, thought leaders shared the ways on how merchants and consumers alike can start integrating Bitcoin Cash into businesses and in their daily lives. CEO Roger Ver advised, “Tell your friends. Tell your family, the merchants that you frequent to start using Bitcoin Cash. BCH is money for the world and it brings more economic freedom to every single person in the world.”

Lokad’s Vermorel also advised any merchant to download a wallet, buy some BCH and use it themselves. He also pointed out how important for merchants to have a first-hand experience on using Bitcoin Cash to realize the competitive advantages it can bring to businesses.

Nguyen also added that there is really nothing to be afraid of trying to integrate Bitcoin Cash to any business. If there’s something that will come out of it, it will only be good.

To make things even more exciting, Dr. Craig Wright introduced the future—the Atomic Age of Bitcoin—where he presented different features such as Atomic Swaps, Access Chains and Oblivious Transfers. This leads us to the reality of Bitcoin Cash of not only being a global payment system but beyond that.

The conference ended with a rare panel interview by Nguyen of the top three of the most influential personalities within the Bitcoin space—Ver, Wright, and Wu—who shared their views on the easiest way for merchants to use Bitcoin Cash. To add a little entertaining and inspiring moment, Nguyen also asked the three of what have they learned from each other all those years watching each other’s works.

Joined by three gentlemen on stage, Nguyen closed the event delivering a powerful speech acknowledging the spirit of unity despite disagreement and competition within the community in creating and solidifying the bCommerce world.

Note: Tokens on the Bitcoin Core (segwit) Chain are Referred to as BTC coins. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is today the only Bitcoin implementation that follows Satoshi Nakamoto’s original whitepaper for Peer to Peer Electronic Cash. Bitcoin BCH is the only major public blockchain that maintains the original vision for Bitcoin as fast, frictionless, electronic cash.

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