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Coinex Exchange Token


About CoinEx Exchange

Founded in December 2017, CoinEx is a global and professional digital coin exchange service provider. CoinEx core team are from world leading internet and finance companies, including the earliest chinese company that adopted Bitcoin, Bitmain who boast rich experience in R&D, global operations and services in the industry. With its proprietary trade matching system and excellent user experience, CoinEx is dedicated to building a highly secure, stable and efficient digital coin exchange for global users. CoinEx now supports multiple languages and are providing global trading services in nearly 100 countries/regions.


Token Utility & Roadmap

CoinEx Token is an official value-added services and privileges scheme based on CoinEx exchange platform. The token is issued on Ethereum ERC 20 protocol and will be launched on a public CoinEx Chain in the future. The total CET supply is fixed at 10 billion. CET represents exclusive services and privileges on and can be used in diversified scenarios.
The total CET supply is fixed at 10 billion. 50% is held by CoinEx team and the other 50% is used for free allocation to CoinEx users. 
CoinEx Team receives dividends on their 50% of their held tokens, even if locked. Also the majority of CET Tokens were distributed among ViaBTC users & Bitmain close people which gives this token a high centralization in the hands of the same old Bitmain.

The Review

Coinex Exchange Token



  • Fast Platform
  • Bitmain Funded
  • Dividends based on volume


  • Mining-Trade Driven (A derivate of wash trading)
  • Only Passport Verification
  • Bitcoin Cash Promoter

Review Breakdown

  • Team

  • Trust

  • Transparency

  • Vision

Coinex Exchange Token Exchanges

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