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Changing the Seedy Side of the WebCam Industry with Blockchain Power


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Erotic self broadcasting is not only a burgeoning sector in the pornographic industry, it is a business opportunity that is becoming a viable option for a lot of models. However, to bring credibility to an industry that has suffered with a seedy reputation for some time requires a drastic change in the way things are done.

Webcam broadcasting is one of the most technologically advanced branches of online porn, and the models, who flaunt themselves and perform certain acts of a sexual nature, can do so as a living.

The issue is however that models who are broadcasting themselves are often left exploited and underpaid, seeing the owners of the sites profiting and taking the lionshare. The rest of the profit is then divvied up between agents, studio managers, and other staff.

The issues run deeper than just money however, on both sides of the webcam, as anonymity is a big concern for users of such sites, and equally so, the models also look for protection of their image and rights.

With all these problems bubbling under in a sector that could be so lucrative, but remains so seedy, a new company is looking to break down the walls with the power of Blockchain.

Live Stars

Live Stars takes the claim of being the first to market blockchain-based webcam platform, meaning they have entered a multi-billion dollar technological advance sector of the pornography market with the power of another power technology.

While Live Stars know there are plenty of problems they need to solve in this sector, with the use of the blockchain, they also believe that there is a lucrative slice of the pornography market that can be expanded through the use of such technology.

Immediately, Live Stars are able to cut out the middlemen through the use of smart contracts on the Blockchain. The power of an immutable ledger, smart contracts and digital border defying currencies, means that the share in the models earnings need not go to superfluous extra earners.

Through their broadcasting site, they are empowering the models to earn their own digital LIVE tokens, accumulating a much more reasonable share of it.

Already on the go

Live Star already have evidence of their platform up and running in an alpha where a variety of models operate on a 24/7 streaming platform.

The models are set to start earning through this blockchain and digital currency platform once it hits the beta stage. But already, Live Stars have agreements with a number of studios employing many models of both genders.

Trust is delivered

For the user, there are other positives as well, some that are very absent from other similar non-blockchain sites. The dealing in digital tokens that operate on a blockchain, rather than through the sites own mechanics, means there is total transparency for the users in terms of their spending.

The models will be able to track every single one of their coins and see their true earning without being taken for a ride.

Additionally, users are afforded the anonymity that comes with digital currencies and the privacy that is so sought in these sorts of situations.

A new future

As people become more open minded, the idea of visiting, or being a model, on webcam sites becomes more acceptable. However, if this business is to become legitimized and accepted, it needs to run smoothly and morally.

Blockchain technology can become the future of this industry with the problems it can solve for both the models and the users. The privacy, the transparency and the empowerment it brings can truly shed light on a popular form of online pornography.

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