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Cashing in on Cashback

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There is no denying, the world we currently live in has become completely overwhelmed with all kinds of social networks. Your digital footprint has grown exponentially, while advertisers now track your internet habits across all your devices: tablets, laptops and smartphones – gathering information on everything from your shopping patterns to web browsing. Time is money and you clearly spend a lot of time online, regardless whether it is spent on commenting or scrolling through status updates on Facebook. So how much is your time worth?

Research conducted by ShareLab indicates that “Every one of over one bln Facebook users […] work averagely 20+ minutes per day on liking, commenting, and scrolling through status updates. That is more than 300 mln working hours of free digital labor per day.” Did Facebook or any other platform ever compensate you for your time? The answer is no.

Some people dedicate so much of their time to social media that they become influencers in a chosen field and once they reach such heights, advertising agencies reward them for their time. According to a study by Mediakix, total spending on Instagram influencers in 2017 amounted to $1 bln and projects that advertisers will spend $1.60 bln on Instagram influencers in 2018 and $2.38 bln in 2019.

Not everyone is cut out to be an advertising channel, but why should that prevent you from getting a slice of advertising revenue… certainly agrees with you! Which is why the team has created a marketplace that offers up to 100 percent cashback taken from advertising revenues. users benefit from an innovative cashback system: the more involved the users are within the community, the more cashback they get. The marketplace is designed so that users receive cashback from every purchase and what’s more is that activities such as recommendation of the marketplace to friends or writing a product review boosts the user’s cashback engine.

While the actual idea might not seem groundbreaking at first, let’s take a look at the current system. The process is slow and there is usually a waiting period until earned cashback is available to be paid out. It is also a complex and time-consuming process, requiring users to log in to the cashback website and click on various links to partner shops, you might even be asked to print coupons and then take photographs of receipts to prove the authenticity. If this wasn’t enough, the actual cashback amount the user receives after all this trouble is low since the cashback system is usually limited by the margins of the retailers.

Unlike this outdated system, users of benefit from the fast pay-out speed, low fees and unlimited cashback on everything, both online and offline in participating retailers, which include restaurants and bars. To meet such ambitious goals, the team has decided to launch an ICO – the REME-Coin will be a utility token and a smart contract based on the Ethereum Blockchain and is to be implemented according to the ERC20 standard. The ICO will start in February and will give access to a coin that is valuable to advertisers and users. The collected funds will be used for the expansion of the development team to grow the marketplace and for the marketing and sales team to enter international markets.

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Cashing in on Cashback

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