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Blockchain Cuties – Full-Fledged Blockchain Game


Decentralized crypto games on Ethereum blockchain are blooming. They provide a fun and easy way to learn about the crypto economy and introduce more people to the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Crypto gaming now comprises a notable part of the Ethereum blockchain.

Today we are going to present you a brand new game with awesome features!

It is called Blockchain Cuties and has what you would wish from a blockchain game.

1. Character Bio-Diversity

You are not forced to play with a single creature type, instead, you are free to breed and collect a lot of different animals! At this point, in early beta, puppies, bear cubs, lizards, and cats are already available.

What’s more, each species of cuties has dozens of unique representatives inspired by real-world pets-celebrities and popular culture!


Blockchain Cuties has a competitive turn-based mode with roll-the-dice battles. Your cutie competes against cuties of other players or artificial intelligence opponents at various locations. Each location affects battles differently and has a unique loot drop assigned to it. Some locations may randomly increase cutie’s attack or defense stats, some — introduce a miss chance to the battle. After the battle, all cuties receive the experience that is required for the leveling-up process. Each pet can achieve a maximum of level 5.

3. Usable Items

In adventure mode, the winner-cutie gets a chance to receive an item. Items are divided into two groups — wearables and consumables. The wearable artifact can be an item of fashion or provide special bonuses in adventure mode, such as “+1 to dice roll” or “negation of miss chance added by location”. Each cutie has 3 wearable slots — left arm, body/head and right arm and all of them can be used to store an artifact! Wearable items are not just stat modifiers, they affect cutie’s appearance (except for unique cuties) and increase its market price.

Consumable items, e.g. potions, can alter cutie genes to give its owner superpowers, such as an ability to change generation, decrease breeding cooldown time and so on. Winning a Nobility potion lets you start a high-born pedigree of noble bloodline cuties.

4. Asset Usefulness

You are the sole owner of all of your cuties and related cryptographic assets, you can trade or transfer them anytime to anyone. All assets are useful, every cutie can be leveled up and geared up, as well as enhanced with potions. You don’t need to get rid of it after it has served its primary purpose — each creature can have his own role!


Now, what are you waiting for, get a pet, raise it and go and adventure yourself in the Blockchain Cuties adventures & fights!

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