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Blockchain Based Music Platform Voise Announces Partnership with Bitcoin PR Buzz Agency


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The blockchain economy is growing faster than ever. We have new Token Generation Events, coin startups, exchanges and even governments being involved in different cryptocurrency endeavours. The whole process started out with just bitcoin and while it started the revolution, it was arguably Ethereum and its smart contracts that allowed global adoption of the crypto world.

Some feel the crypto world will eventually saturate and too many ICOs have contributed to this already. Investors are always looking for ways to tie up their capital on promising coins, but, with hundreds of coins undergoing release right now, it is difficult to stand out among the crowd. Good PR and promotional campaigns are necessary for any new token to become a hit with the crowdfunders.

This is where Bitcoin PR agencies come in. They offer coin and platform promotion for a stake in the company or upfront payment in crypto or fiat currency. ICOs and TGEs rely on publicity too much but just being on Google ads is not going to do them a lot of good since people like to read more about the coin from a third source before backing a campaign.

Voise, a blockchain-based music platform has recently made the news with a deal with one of the top Bitcoin PR agencies, Bitcoin PR Buzz. According to the CEO and founder of Voise, Ivan Rossetti:

We are proud to partner with Bitcoin PR Buzz. Their know-how and professionalism will showcase our 100%-fair distribution model and blockchain music platform to a pivotal global audience.”

About Voise

Voise is a groundbreaking platform that allows musicians around the world to benefit from its decentralized music platform by offering rewards to contributors and stakeholders in the network and giving new incentives to record companies and musicians for their unique music content. It is estimated that there are over 110 million music enthusiasts around the world who are willing to pay for unique musical content.

The network was one of the first platforms to deploy a network of masternodes for storing all the data. The masternode operators are incentivized with new tokens provided they keep their hardware dedicated and lock a certain number of VOISE tokens in the wallet during the period. With the help of these masternodes and its payouts, a new kind of ecosystem is being tried out by the company. The platform is based on the Ethereum blockchain.

About Bitcoin PR Buzz

Bitcoin PR buzz is one of the most premium Bitcoin PR and promotional content companies in the world. It was one of the first startups to enter the industry and has over 4 years of work experience and a wide ranging clientele above 500 different coins, platforms and services. Bitcoin PR Buzz have worked on projects LISK, Domraider, UTRUST, and many more.

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