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Bitplay Club Has Launched a Spectacular Blockchain-Based Lottery

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January 17, 2018: Bitplay Club has announced the fully functional launch of its first Provably Fair Bitcoin Lottery.

The lottery participants choose numbers as they are used to in a traditional lottery. However, drawing numbers is different: the numbers are generated by a formula that uses the hashes of recent Bitcoin blocks found on the blockchain. This technique assures the players that the lottery operator has no way to influence the outcome of the drawing.

Another option to accommodate the participants is the ticket price that currently stands at around USD 1.The price level enables anyone to enter. Besides, sophisticated players may like to choose several options e.g. consecutive draws, system game, or autochoose, and buy multiple tickets at a moderate cost. Results of daily draws are communicated just a few hours after the draw close.

Bitplay Club is a nascent online lottery operator focused on implementation of the blockchain technology in the gambling field. The company believes the enhanced lottery format will bring added value to their customers by resolving the long standing issues of trustworthiness and transparency. Besides, that’s a brilliant use case for the blockchain, and its success will promote further adoption of the technology by the public.

The company aspires to become a major player in the industry and is currently designing several further gambling (game-of-chance) projects.

Bitplay Club Lottery is available on desktop and mobile platforms. Both platforms were launched on December 8, 2017, so there have been 41 draws since. The jackpot has yet to be hit and at January 17, 2018, is above 4 BTC.

About Bitplay Club

BitplayClub was created by a group of blockchain champions and developers who intend to provide various game options to the general public, marketing them as 100% provably fair. The greater mission of the company is promotion of the blockchain concept, bringing knowledge of the blockchain and its benefits to the clients. The company plans to design and roll out further game of chance products in the nearest future.

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Bitplay Club Has Launched a Spectacular Blockchain-Based Lottery

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