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Bitgo Launches Institutional Grade Custodial Services Suite


Bitgo Launches Institutional Grade Custodial Services Suite

This weekend the leading cryptocurrency security platform, Bitgo, announced the launch of custodial storage solutions for institutional investors. The new custodial program aims to offer a multi-level suite for digital asset security in partnership with the firm Kingdom Trust.

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Bitgo Offers a Secure Custodial Platform for Institutional Investors

Bitgo Launches Institutional Grade Custodial Services Suite The Palo Alto-based firm Bitgo is now offering institutional investors custodial services due to a partnership with Kingdom Trust. The news follows the recent announcements from the Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs launching a cryptocurrency product, and companies like Coinbase offering services to institutional clientele. The latest institutional grade suite offered by Bitgo and Kingdom Trust provides custody services like treasury controls, advanced security solutions, and 24-7 monitoring.

Multi-level services for the new custodial products include self-managed custody, institutional custody with multi-sig wallet, and the Bitgo offline vault. The vault stores keys offline and when tethered to a multi-signature wallet it can be programmed to require co-signers.        

Secure your digital assets in an offline multi-signature vault in minutes An offline vault generates and stores private wallet keys on a clean air-gapped computer,” Bitgo’s offline storage white paper explains.

To spend funds from an offline wallet securely, you can sign transactions with your private keys offline using Bitgo Offline Vault This means your private keys are never online or linked to a computer connected to the internet.

Bitgo Launches Institutional Grade Custodial Services Suite

Bitgo Will Face Competition from Others Providing Services to the Crypto-Wealthy

The company’s website which details the new custodial services says the products are more robust due to the partnership with Kingdom Trust. The services will be backed by individuals with digital asset solutions expertise, while also meeting the regulatory compliance requirements around custody of digital assets. The news follows the company’s implementation of seven new cryptocurrencies including  Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ether, Ripple and Royal Mint Gold. Further, the Bitgo revealed its enterprise-grade Ethereum wallet has seen a lot of growth and on April 17 Bitgo added support for ERC-20 tokens.

The latest Bitgo custodial services offering digital asset security for institutional clientele will also compete against a product offered by a former Bitgo employee Jameson Lopp. The former Bitgo engineer will also provide institutional grade security for cryptocurrency millionaires. The firm Casa also aims to serve the crypto-wealthy was launched six months ago raising $2.1Mn USD from groups like Boost VC, and Compound. Bitgo’s CEO Mike Belshe stated back in January when the firm first acquired Kingdom Trust that he believes Bitgo’s new services marry technology with security.

“Bitgo and Kingdom are building products for the future – marrying the new technology with the safety and controls all investors require,” Belshe explained at the time.

What do you think about Bitgo offering custodial solutions for institutional clientele? Let us know in the comments below. 

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