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Bitcoiin2Gen ICO “Steven Seagal’s Zen Master” on Deadly Ground


When future chroniclers ascend cryptocurrency in the mainstream, 2017 will probably remain recalled as the initial currency offer (ICO). Critics often complain that this age-old fundraising model has the Under Siege industry.

However, although a lot of scammers left the ecosystem with Exit Wounds, ICO fundraising proved to be hard to kill, and investors keep going to spend money on projects hoping to get wealth that might otherwise be “Out of Reach.”

Currently the action movie hero and “Master Zen” Steven Seagal descended to Belly of the Beast to guide investors to the future cryptocurrency, an ICO token called Bitcoiin2Gen.”

B2G token receivables to be a “superior or more advanced version” of Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for the cryptocurrency, and Steven Seagal in accordance to a press release and post on the Twitter actor’s account. Will be the ambassador of the brand.

As a Buddhist, Professor Zen and Healer, Steven Seagal lives according to the principles that the development of the physical being is essential to protect the spiritual man. He thinks that what he does in his life is to lead people in contemplation to awaken them and illuminate them in a way, the project developers said:

Those are exactly the objectives of Bitcoiin2Gen to empower the community by providing a decentralized P2P payment system with its wallet, mining ecosystem and robust blockchain platform without the need for any third party.

White Bitcoiin2Gen sets an impressive plan to build “the first self-sustained cryptocurrency in the world,” the developers planning to add “the unique features of the blockchain, such as mining and trading.”

Throughout the ICO, investors can buy B2G chips for just 5 USD, but due to the superior features of the coins, developers wrote in the roadmap that they expect their value to reach 388 USD by December this year.

Also if this is not sufficient to convince you to buy, the project even has an ICO referral program that supporters will probably say is not a pyramid scheme.


Unfortunately, for Steven Seagal, the US Securities and Exchange Commission (ESA) has not approached the growing number of celebrities that have given “potentially illegal” endorsements to token sales that SEC regards as securities deals.

Indeed, the agency has made it quite clear that it is for justice and will not allow ICO organizers to operate above the law. It would seem that this initiation of the former act is on the dangerous ground.

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