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Betting on Sports Just Got More Fun Thanks to Blockchain Technology


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Betting on sports is challenging. It makes gambling more fun and entertaining because players become part of a contest with viable winning chances. To many people, it’s a rewarding industry with a lot of traction. But it amasses risks and challenges that are difficult to overcome. Blockchain technology can increase the transparency of the sports betting industry through an immutable transactional system that improves contractual performances and minimises risks.

An Ethereum-based platform focused on sports betting aims to disrupt a multi-million dollar industry, XWIN CryptoBet leverages smart contracts on the Ethereum to build a more transparent, stable and secure virtual space for betting on sports and other events. Developed with both players and investors in mind, XWIN uses a proof of stake model to provide streamline entertainment for betters and bookmakers.

Interactive sports betting on Blockchain

The decentralized nature of the Blockchain is a trump card that should be played smart when betting on sports. XWIN CryptoBet combines professionals in industries like business, sports, risk assessment, and more. Currently in its initial stages, the main objective is to build a fully-decentralized sports betting virtual space that caters to the needs of both players and bookmakers. Powered by Ethereum, transparent transactions, confidentiality, information security and cross-border betting are some of the key benefits of XWIN.

With XWIN CryptoBet, betting on sports becomes safer, more transparent and accessible. Players will have full control of their investment, as well as availability 24/7 from any device all year round. To simplify the registration process, all players will have their accounts built on smart contracts powered by Ethereum.

XWIN CryptoBet- uniquely created for players and bookmakers

People passionate about sports betting have always had an affinity for bookmaking. XWIN was developed with players and investors in mind, meaning that the platforms has reserved 80 percent of the tokens to its users. The XWIN token is the universal currency that can be used for sports betting and other events. Holders will have a steady profit margin available that ranges between six and 20 percent.

The tokens are exclusively intended for third-party counterparts that want perform operations and transactions on XWIN, including odd management and joining bookmakers’ slot machines, office, casinos, VIP rooms, lotteries, and more.

To make sure users are provided a seamless decentralized sports betting ecosystem, XWIN CryptoBet has linked the nominal price for its XWIN tokens to its general guarantee fund. This way, the token price only increase if the fund grows as well. The tactic is meant to preserve a balance and prevent risks that might arise because of sudden token exchanges.

Disrupting an industry by creating a better sports betting ecosystem

To fulfill the mission and disrupt a multi-million dollar industry by making it safer and more transparent, the team at XWIN CryptoBet has allocated 32 percent of funds to hiring professional designers experienced in Blockchain technology development. 35 percent is intended for promoting the project through intense marketing and PR campaigns and 15 percent is meant for administering and maintaining the platform’s security.

The current price for one XWIN token is 0.0045 ETH. Avid players and investors curious to know more or invest in the project can still participate in stage one of the XWIN ICO and get a 10 percent bonus (until Jan. 23). Thus far, the community has almost 7,000 members and a viable product that gains traction with every day that goes by. $2.5 mln have been raised and counting.

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