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Be born again with CoinGeek’s Bitcoin BCH Rebirth Party

0 is pleased to announce its Bitcoin Rebirth Party in London on August 1st, a celebration of the day that Bitcoin returned to its roots.

August 2017 saw Bitcoin Cash (BCH) reclaim the original vision of what Bitcoin should be, namely, a peer-to-peer digital currency with low transaction fees. Bitcoin BCH is a continuation of the original Bitcoin blockchain that connects all the way back to the Satoshi Genesis block, giving it sole claim as the only real Bitcoin in existence today.

CoinGeek’s London party will not be held in isolation as the shindig will be mirrored by fellow BCH revelers in Hong Kong and Paris. The event is primarily intended as a celebration of all things BCH but some special announcements will be made regarding the exciting year ahead that Bitcoin backers won’t want to miss.

Individuals seeking accreditation to join our Bitcoin Rebirth Party in London on August 1st are advised to submit your applications to

Also, 50 fortunate people who believe in the original vision of the Satoshi white paper – and can prove their faith by sending pictures of themselves wearing a shirt saying “Bitcoin BCH is the one true Bitcoin” – can also wangle an invitation. (Painting those words of truth on your body someplace will also suffice.) CoinGeek founder Calvin Ayre will personally review these digital submissions, so make them interesting.

CoinGeek Week is shaping up to be the must-attend event of 2018’s crypto calendar. Individuals or entities interested in furthering the BCH cause are also urged to join the bComm Association, the new focal point for miners, merchants, exchanges, developers and other members of the BCH community.


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