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BCDiploma: Education Certification on the Blockchain


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With increasing degree falsification and forgery, BCDiploma looks to end this by creating a framework that allows for one-click diploma and data certification services. The results can easily be verified and shared through a URL link. This kind of framework has positive implications for anyone in the education sector, as well as HR, or anywhere that a certification needs to be quickly and reliably verified.

“BCDiploma aims to create the standard for on-chain registers of tomorrow: cost-effective, easy-to-implement, Ethereum-based and open source framework.”

Advantages of One Click Data Certification

Colleges and universities could save massive amounts of money and time by simplifying the workflow that is needed when it comes to issuing diplomas for graduates. Instead of a whole sector of staff devoted to this task, perhaps only a few are used to ensure that graduates satisfy the requirements for the diploma and BCDiploma would be used for the rest.

This allows man hours and resources to be allocated elsewhere, or for educational institutions to operate at the same capacity but on a lower budget. The University of Nicosia, known for its Masters in Digital Currency, is one of the first to embrace this kind of thinking, by recording academic certificates on the blockchain. While a step in the right direction, the steps taken are not easily reproducible for other universities looking to start doing the same.

Making the Service Different

BCDiploma would’ve made the workflow that Nicosia needed to go through much simpler, so while it was an excellent proof of concept, the process would need further refinement for widespread use. Using BCDiploma’s turnkey solution is a transparent process, and requires no actual knowledge of blockchain technology nor an Ethereum address. The service BCDiploma offers only costs $1.50 USD per certification with no subscription or recurring fees. BCDiploma elected to make the service free for graduates!

BCDiploma differs from what Nicosia did, in which they stored a hash of the PDF files on the blockchain. Instead, BCDiploma will store the diploma/certificates data directly into the Ethereum blockchain, and certifying the party’s identity by using DApps. Using this innovative method, any user of BCDiploma will be guaranteed access to their data and DApps forever.

BCDiploma Token Generation Event

To further help BCDiploma’s cause, a token presale is currently live, allowing participants that are whitelisted to obtain BCDT tokens at a 20% bonus compared to the following token sale. The tokens will be required to pay for the certified data issuance of certificates and diplomas through BCD smart contracts. With each successful data issuance, the smart contract will burn a percentage of the tokens automatically, which should ensure a rise of the tokens value.

The softcap of the sale is 1,800 ETH, with a hardcap at 100,000,000 BCDT or 7692 ETH. After the presale, the first round will allow participants to receive a 10% bonus with a 1800 ETH limit a well. The second round and last round has no bonus, operating at the base rate.

66.7% of the 100 million tokens will be sold during the token sale, with 20% put in reserve, 10.3% allocated to the community, and founders holding on to 3%. The majority of the ETH raised from the sale will be allocated to application development, 35% in total. This is closely followed with 30% followed for marketing and business development, 15% for incentives, 10% as reserve, and 5% for both ITS expenses and general expenses.

To learn more, Visit the Website: https://www.bcdiploma.com/

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